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    Escaping from the maddening crowd and busy schedule.

    In present times, most of us are busy in our work and sometimes it is so hectic that we do not get time for ourselves. There are many things to be undertaken and at the end of the day, we find that many things are still pending and are to be taken only on the next day.

    This eventually makes us feel as if we are burdened and stress starts to build up slowly and starts getting accumulated.

    We then yearn for a break and desire to go away from this mad rush of life. Eventually, we feel like going away from the crowded and busy life at least for a short time so that we get fresh and join back to our activities rigorously again.

    Do you feel like that sometimes? Please share your thoughts.
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    Yes, I feel that. My job is very boring and I have to devote at least 10-11 hours at work which makes me irritating as I dont get time for my family. In such a case, if my kids demand to go for an outing I get frustrated and start shouting at them and later on realise that I was wrong.

    That's the reason I had decided several years back that I shall devote full one week with my family and will take them to a peaceful place once a year so that I may relax and my family may enjoy the outing.

    In today's fast life everyone needs peace and one should at least think of himself and plan for it. I always wish that I could move to a small place where I may live peacefully but thats not possible because I may get peace there but won't get a good job there as I have presently.

    It's not easy to have both the things together so a person should find ways to get relaxed after work pressure.


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    These days this has become the fact of life. Everyone will be running after time. Time management is becoming difficult. The expectations of the family and the organisations are very high. To meet them one has to run and can never sit back or walk. If you see these days the employees especially in senior ranks has to do many things at a time and a small mistake can also cost them a lot which can't be affordable. So they have to rush and do multitasking at a time.
    I used to work almost 16 hours a day during my 4os and 50s. Even my wife used to tell me that, she has to catch me on my phone only to talk. After working for almost 33 years in that way, I thought it is becoming too much and I changed my job in such a way that I will have some spare time so that I can have some personal time to spend with my family.
    Really now I am feeling happy that I have done a good thing. Now I am enjoying my life with all my family members.

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    Whenever we are busy in our routine life and engaged in work then after some time we require a break for a change. This is necessary to change the monotonous phase otherwise it may lead to unnecessary stress and irritation.

    A short break from work is always a healthy option.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's required to find a tranquil place to relax. Things have changed nowadays and everybody has to manage a lot of things within a specific time. Not only you have to carry out all our work on time, but you also need to update your colleagues/boss about the job that you have done.

    Actually, if we analyze we will find we are doing many jobs which are monotonous in nature. This is tiresome and because of this all of us need a break from our daily affairs. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by many people, gadgets, vehicles and at times we feel we are being pressurised by all these. That's why we try to find a calm place to relax without the disturbance of surrounding people and gadgets. You will find many switching of their smart mobile devices while holidaying and spending quality time for relaxation. We all like this form of relaxation to come out of the boredom and it is required to stay healthy mentally and physically.


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