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Participate in the final leg of our unique Triathlon contest and get points to add to your tally to win a bumper prize! Closing time: Tomorrow, midnight.
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    Triathlon Picture Contest third leg - UID picture puzzle

    Race to the finish and hit the tape to complete the Triathlon!

    There are certain parts of things which are distinctive to them. So here's a puzzle called UID (like our Aadhaar UID!) which forms the third and final leg of the Triathlon contest. Those who did not participate in the first and in the second leg (for which points and cc will be credited within a few days) can send their entries for this one and get points and cc, but will not be eligible for the bumper prizes.

    What you have to do: See the Word doc. attached to this thread. There are 13 images. You have to identify what the images are of and remember to read the instructions given at the top of the doc. You will get 1 point and 1 cc for each correct answer, with the points being added to your tally across the three legs of the contest. Answers should match the answers' list, but leeway will be given for an answer which is similar to the correct answer, the final decision resting with the jury which checks out the answers.

    Do not give your answers here. Send your list of answers (do not send attachments or the images) to my Gmail which is Once you send your entry, please put a response to this thread so that the points and cc can be credited to you later for correct entries, but do not mention any aspect of it.

    Note: Do not be in a rush to send your entry, as there is no first-come-first-serve basis here for any individual prize for this leg.

    Closing time to send your entry: 16th February 2019, midnight (IST).

    Get set, go!

    [Credit footer: The concept for this contest is based on a suggestion made by Juana in one of our earlier picutre puzzle contests.]
  • Triathlon_UID Picture Puzzle (163293-1-Triathlon_UID-Picture-Puzzle.doc)
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    I have sent my answers just now. The contest was fun.
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    That was a quick first entry, Aditya! I received your answers at 11.33a.m. You can give your feedback later when the winners of the Triathlon are announced.
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    ME Vandana,
    I have mailed my answers at 1246 hours today Friday the 15th February 2019. Kindly acknowledge receipt.

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    I have sent my entry at 1450 hrs today on 15.02.2019.
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    Sent my entry. Please check.

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    I have sent the answers. Kindly acknowledge the same.
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    I submitted answers at 1640 hrs today. Please acknowledge.
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    Vandana, I have sent my answers at 16:48 on 15th Feb. Kindly confirm.

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    I sent my entry.
    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the same.


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    Dear Managing Editor.
    Just now I have sent my answers to the email address mentioned. I request you to kindly acknowledge the receipt of the same.

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    I have submitted my entry.
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    I have submitted my entry.

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    I have submitted my entry.

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    I have submitted the answers of the UID picture puzzle.

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    I have sent a list of answers to your email id at 11:35 a.m.

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    I have sent my answers.

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    I have submitted answer list of Triathlon Picture Contest third leg.

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    I have sent my answers just now.

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    Ma'am, I have just sent my answers to your e-mail id.

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    I have sent my answers to your email id at 11:49 PM.

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    I have received the entries of all those who have responded to this thread. Thank you for your participation.
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