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    Why is it raining in monsoon season?

    When the temperature is high, it heats up the air and all surroundings.. The heated air moves up creating lower pressure in that area.. The warm air goes up more and more and when it becomes cool, the condensation takes place.. It forms tiny water droplets. When these water droplets joined together to form bigger drops, rain occurs.. This is water cycle. Because of the summer's hot temperature, low pressure, more evaporation and more humidity, it must be raining daily in summer in India.. But rain only occurs occassionally. Isn't it against the rule that low pressure associated with clouds and rains?? What is there that is stopping rainfall in summer?? Why are we experiencing rains in monsoon seasons? Why not in summers?
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    You were correct upto the low pressure part. Winds move from high to low pressure zones. Majority of India gets rain from South West monsoon, from Arabian Sea. These are the winds that carry small particles of dirt and sand with them. It is only around this particles, water coalesce and forms drops. I mean, you can create rain whenever you want. Just spray electrified sand into watery clouds.
    So the summers we gather all the low possible pressure here and at its end, we welcome winds of monsoon. Atleast that is my understanding.

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    Yes i am agree with your post sir.

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    Rainfall is related to monsoon set up. Monsoon winds travel from sea to land in summer and from land to sea in winter. In our country in the summer time the heat accumulates in Northern India mainly in the foothills of Himalaya and Tibetan plateau.

    The wind which starts blowing from sea to land takes water vapour (clouds) to the land and the clouds are trapped not able to go across Himalayas and start precipitating in Indian peninsula only.

    This is the general scenario at the time of monsoon. There are rare instances where due to geographical reasons this pattern does not repeat in a particular year and we have drought situation.

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    The wind will be blowing due to the imbalance of pressure between two locations. In monsoons, this pressure imbalance is created due to temperatures variations across vast landmasses. The difference may be significantly warmer or cooler than those over the oceans nearby. This imbalance is due to the difference between the land and the ocean in heat absorption. The land will be heated up fast and cool down fast. Whereas water will take more time to heat up or cool down. In summer land will be heated up fast but water will not get heated up so fast. This may be the reason for no rains in the summer.
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