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    How much this telescope will be useful?

    NASA, USA is planning to send to the space an advanced space telescope, in the year 2023 to explore the universe further, especially to get the condition of the universe in the earlier times, as this telescope will be able to see the farther part which belongs to the earlier times or almost the initial time or beginning of the universe, which is technically believed by some as big bang time. It is expected that it will help in understanding the mystery of origin of the universe.

    Let us assume that the telescope finds out the condition of the universe in such a back most time but scientifically speaking it will only a point in the growth of universe from its earlier stage and in my opinion it will be just another bottleneck inviting for further exploration.

    Can we really fathom the universe? As per our scriptures it is said that universe is infinite. Can we fathom an infinite entity?

    What do you think about it?
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    It is pretty much correct in theoritical sense. All you have to do is capture the light that reflected from 13.8 billion years ago. It is not hard, the static you hear in radio and other tuning media catch the frequency of that radiation everyday. Big bang is not a far fetched theory but an everyday reality. If a planet 68 million light years away from us could see at earth now, the denizens of it would see dinosaurs. Universe is so huge that light takes a lot of time bouncing and reflecting. We might be in for the most shocking discoveries yet.
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    I think it is really very difficult to understand the Universe. But Scientists are trying to make something and try to understand the maximum possible extent. Probably the proposed study is something towards that only.
    It is really not possible to understand an infinite entity. But the urge to know by the human beings will never end. They will be doing work further and further within their lifetime so that they can take a place in the history of the Universe and their revelations may open the door for the next generation to do further studies in this line.
    As a matter of fact, there is no end to learning. We can go on learning even though we are getting more and more doubts as we move forward.

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    The mysteries of the universe and estimation of its size are yet to be unearthed and this telescope is one such measure in that scientific pursuit.

    How much it will be successful in decoding those puzzles will be only known after the data collected with this telescope will be available to the scientists and researchers.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The universe is infinite it is said so its almost impossible to measure or know everything about it but that's an initial step NASA is taking to know more about the universe and after the experience of this event they will definitely plan some other things also.

    Scientists had invented many units in which the size of the universe can be measured but what exactly the universe contains is still a mystery. I hope after this experiment many things which we still know about our universe will open up and that will be good for us. Also, we may be able to know the existence of life if the trial gets successful as NASA may think of doing the same trial on other planets and that would be the great research if they could do that.


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    I hope this telescope will be useful to some extent and will be able to unravel certain issues. There is no end to knowing and because of our inquisitiveness, we carry out different experimentations.

    After theoretical assumptions, many missions are carried out to prove it practically. Some of them may fail and some throw light to many hitherto unknown facts. I do not think it will be ever possible to know the universe in its entirety. New facts will always come up and with emerging facts, some mysteries will also be there.


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