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    Make yourself evident of the insensitivity around us which doesn’t seem different now.

    The passing moments since last two days were full of celebrations for the younger generations including both the sexes who were completely involved in wishing each other of the famous 14th February as we know for Valentine's Day. The whole of atmosphere were full of attractive lighting with loud romantic songs being played in tune with the different requests from the guests & the mood was getting momentum. During all this I also remembered the flashing of news in which few of our soldiers got killed in the Pulwama District of J&K state.

    We all are well aware of about how insensitive & irrelevant our politics have become to the killing soldiers that they are not even listed in the dictionary of any human right activists but witnessing the younger generation to the tune of this too is saddening.
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    The younger generation who are born with golden spoon in their mouth is becoming short-sighted, selfish and devoid of any responsibility. These young people are not bothered about the nation. They think it is others' duty to protect the nation and they would go on enjoying life. They don't know that their survival will also be at stake if the nation is hurt.
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    The main problem with the young generation is the guidance they are getting from the adults. We are aware of the situation all around us and at times it's really difficult to manage things in a proper way. If the adults are unable to cope with the situation, it is understood how confused the children would be in those situations. The responsibility of parents and adults are to guide the children in a proper way during trying times. Up to a certain age, emotion plays a significant role in making decisions and the hype created through different media is making the youngsters go crazy on this day. To compare this craze with patriotism or concern for others will lead us nowhere. If we ask ourselves a few questions, what will be our answers?

    How many adults are throwing garbage in the open?
    How many are concerned about pollution and following proper guidelines to mitigate it?
    How many of us help others when we see someone in distress?
    How many adults tell their children that they have many roles to play other than studying during their youth?

    Unfortunately, very few of us could become the role model for the young generation and that's why we find many behaviours of the youths today irrelevant and saddening.


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    The present-day generation living style is something different than what we had those days. They want to enjoy every moment of their life as it is the order of the day. They never take anything seriously. This may be due to the way they were brought up. They are being offered everything they wanted and they were brought up without knowing any difficulties.
    The parents should see that their children will also understand the ground realities.
    I have seen people who are sending messages and chatting with people when they came to see a patient who is suffering from serious ill health. They don't know what to do and when they have to do.

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    This may be because our younger generation is more keen towards following the western culture. In our time we didn't even know what is valentine day but these days even the kids know it when it comes.

    Everywhere one can see rose being sold on the footpath and many more such items which are given as a gift.

    This is a tough situation as our youngsters are going in a different route. Although everything is essential in life still there should be priorities set.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    If we divide the young generation into two categories, it would not be inappropriate. There are certain section of the people especially the young generation living the rural sectors lending their hands to support their guardians to augment income. Their studies take a back seat because of the first priority of managing expenditure of the families. In this process, they become familiar with numerous tricks to sustain their lives. They ultimately become practical due to constant struggle in achieving their objectives.
    On the other end, young generations hailing from well - to - do families have not to struggle since everything is available to them without making effort for it. They even become irresponsible because of their non indulgence in any work. So in India, we do have different set of young generation.

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