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    Do You Think, SEO is Important Factor in Success of Blog / Website?

    If you have written articles on ISC or if you have blog or website. I hope you are aware of term SEO which is search engine optimization. I rarely saw blog without SEO to be very successful on the other hand Blogs / Sites with lot of links tends to rank better.

    As ISC has lakhs of links. So, do you do seo by making links on comment on blogs, Forum links, Article links, Directory links, Social media sharing etc. If you have created blog or write articles on site. How much links and how many type of links you have made? Do you tracked your website ranking better for keywords set, when you build more links?
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    There are two things which are important for the success of the blog or to that matter any post posted in the net in various platforms.

    First is the quality and content of the post. How much informative and authentic it is. That is important as the user will accept the information if it is useful otherwise he will skip it considering it as a junk.

    Second is the keywords used in the post so that the search engines can locate it on priority based on the search engine algorithms.

    If these two parameters are fulfilled the traffic can increase as the satisfied user will come back for other informations also to the same platform.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, I also believe Content is king and it can do wonders. But i never have written long long content. But i have heard stating some bloggers that content written is half battle won and another half is to promote it on other sites called SEO. Even we are writing article on website like ISC. If we promote article of ISC on other sites, it may rank higher on Google.

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