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    Time flies when you have fun but time flew when you were bored.

    We all know when we have fun the time flies. When we are busy we are focused on every task and have no time to look after the passage of the time.

    And when we are bored, there is not much to occupy our time, and we are more likely to think about the passage of time. So time feels like it passes slowly.

    That's why it is advised to enjoy whatever you are doing. It's boring when you take up the task half-heartedly.

    In the past, I used to enjoy my job so never uses to get tired of it even after staying for long hours but these days because I am frustrated by the job due ro lots of work pressure, even 8 hours looks difficult to pass by.

    I know this is wrong but can't do anything when you have a changed mindset. It's not easy to change oneself. What is your opinion about this?
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    I agree it's not easy to change oneself, but change is the only constant and you have to change yourself according to the situation. Your frustration about your job is not because of the work pressure, rather you are not interested in the job that you are involved with at present. If you like the work you will never be frustrated which you have already mentioned in this thread itself.

    Rather than feeling frustrated, analyze properly the reasons behind this frustration. Have some time for yourself. It's always important. Indulge in your hobbies and you can always pick up something to work with that will keep the interest flowing. Change the pattern that you follow while doing any job. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Hope this will help and you will again feel the enjoyment while carrying out your job.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A good post by the author. Time is an entity like that. It's speed varies as per the occasion.

    A person focused for his work will not feel bored.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Very true, just the memories remain.

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    Author has written a very nice thread depicting the importance of fun. It is very true that time just flies very fast and swiftly when we enjoy what we do. Time just stops when we hate doing what we are doing. For example, when we go on picnics or holidays or when we are having fun with our friends and family, time flies in no time. Thus, it is said that good times do not last long whereas bad time does not seem to pass away easily. It is because, during good times, we enjoy the time span completely. Bad time, on the other hand, is difficult for us. Thus, we feel as if it is not passing quickly.

    I know how you feel about your job. I hope you enjoy your present work and have a good time. It may not happen overnight. Maybe slowly and gradually you will start liking your present job.

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