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    What is going on in India?

    What is going on in our country? Everyone wants to do something prior to election 2019 to get the votes. Modi government wants to give Rs. 2000/- as first instalment to the poor farmers. Tamilnadu's AIADMK government wants to give Rs. 2000/- each to 60 lac Tamils below the poverty line which amounts to Rs. 1200 crores. Andhra's TDP government wants to give a mobile phone to each woman (about 1.2 crore) belonging to the Mahila group. Is it not a wastage of public money?

    Is it right?
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    Yes, this is wastage our public which can be used on the development of the country. Politicians are really sick minded they can do anything just to get votes from the public. The public is also fooled as they will vote for them for such small things. They do not care that these are enemies of our growth.

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    Yes, it is a wastage but who cares! After all, they have to win the elections by making false promises and if they can win they can safely indulge in a lot more unwanted things that the common men cannot imagine. All the political parties in power will dole out cash and gifts to win the confidence of people and there is nothing new in it. But the main concern is this is increasing day by day.

    There should be strict rules to debar political parties in power to announce any sops before the elections. Any sops or development projects should be announced only during budgets and strict action has to be taken against the parties not following this rule. But I doubt whether any political party will frame such rule and even if it is framed it will be difficult to pass it in parliament. We know how every government is dilly-dallying over the Lokpal issue and from their action it is clear that they are not interested to implement it throughout the country.


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    What can you do? Nothing. Enjoy the freebies if you manage to get these, and vote a candidate who is honest, hard-working and think about his/her constituency.
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    For politicians the election is like entrance examination for qualifying for a 5 years job. So they take it in that way and try to appease the voters in whatever way possible.

    Once they are elected then they will be slow in these accounts as sufficient time is there to act. This is a trend we are observing for quite some time.

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    These are appeasement politics. The taxpayer's money is being wasted by the political parties in power for the sake of votes. I wish the Supreme Court takes up this matter 'Suo Moto' and ban any such appeasements by the political parties for the sake of votes.
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    That is politics. The politician will always be searching for the opportunity to woo the voters.

    There is no minimum educational experience or eligibility for becoming a leader. What is required for becoming a leader is only votes of the public.

    The leader knows it well and always looks for opportunities. Unfortunately, the public is also like that. They happily accept these freebies instead of charging the leader for the wrongdoing.

    So what is the solution? The solution lies in public awareness and understanding and distinguishing a good leader from the bad one.

    We should elect leaders who can work for the development of the country and can bring good governance and discipline rather than reducing Income Tax and GST or increasing the reservation quota.

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    Being right or wrong is not the concern of many of the political parties but the overall objective is to secure their seats so as to be capable of in the formation of government of their own choice or of their own & in order to keep this momentum going they come out with certain offers but in few of the occasions the voters had responded smartly. For an instance, Prior to Aditya Yogi administration in UP, the Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party had distributed the laptops but still he couldn't manage to win & therefore I agree with #658861/ Partha K. that let the common people enjoy with those freebies. The voters seems to be already confirmed on their preferences & that's why few of the political parties have begun to act on their manifestos with promises including freebies in order to pull them back on their side but let's hope that the voters will use their intelligence to opt with the most suitable leaders.

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    100% true. It is all a waste of public money. The people who are earning with many difficulties are paying money to the government in the form of taxes. The government is wasting money like this. Actually, Indian people are happier in getting free sops. The politicians are trying to exploit this and get an advantage. Now in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in a family minimum, two people are getting some sort of free money. Old age pension, Poor people's pension. Unemployment subsidy, Money if the girl is getting married. Like this everybody is getting some sort of financial aid from the government.
    Political people somehow want to be in power and they will try to get the votes from poor people by showing them this type of small favours. The system should change. The government should see that everybody will have a way to earn money and there should not be any unemployment problem in the country. For this development is required but no one is having an eye on thst.

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    Intelligent citizens of India will understand the leaders who try to bribe the voters officially with a piece of halwa to secure their votes. A cell phone or Rs. 2000/- is worth nothing. An annual sum of Rs. 2000/- makes only Rs. 5.47 a day which is not even possible to get a piece of Halwa. Rs. 6000/- per year to poor farmers works out to be Rs. 16/- per day. What can be done with such a peanut amount?

    Someone would say - 'Something is better than nothing'. But I would say - 'Nothing is better than this something'.

    As Partha said it rightly, people should never refuse such freebies but take it and enjoy, and vote for the right candidate of their choice.

    People should teach a lesson to such leaders who try to bribe the voters with freebies from the government fund.

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