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    It's always important to speak up at certain situations

    Speak up! Let the rest become aware if something is going absolutely wrong. It is always important to fight for injustice. I am not talking about any serious litigation or fighting physically with the muscle flexing goons at your locality but in general, there are many things happening around us to which we are ignorant. There are people who just avoid it thinking it will lead to an unnecessary argument.

    For example, everybody is aware of the importance of manufacturing date and the date within which one must consume any packaged food item. It is mandatory to mention these dates. If someone is complaining to the shop keeper about selling products beyond the date within which it has to be used there are a few customers who will suggest nothing is going to happen if you use that product. This, in turn, encourages the shop keeper to store those products.

    You can find a few shops, though not inside the market, selling items at a price which is one or two rupees more than the mentioned MRP. This is noticed mainly with the bottles of packaged drinking water or beverages. Many ignore this and pay the amount the shop keeper is asking. These are just two examples but there are many such small things which we ignore but can be stopped with our loud protest. So speak up. It's important in those situations.
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    Whenever we find that people are deviated from the prescribed guidelines, we must speak up and try to correct it with pursuation. This will alert the person engaged in misdeeds to correct himself and he will be cautious that people are correcting him and not taking things casually.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A very interesting and contemporary issue raised by the author.

    Speaking when it is required is an art which we should master because it solves many problems and resolve things at the earliest.

    Resolution at the spot is always better than litigation.

    I remember that in pre GST regime I was always asking the shopkeeper to give me discount on all of the items including provision. Some of them were doing it but some of them were not agreeing so I was then going to the other shop. Seeing this the one who refused initially started to give the discount.

    In post GST regime also they are giving it but now the discount is reduced by the extent of GST. Some of them are absorbing GST in their sale price only.

    So what I want to mention is we must speak when someone is trying to make a fool of us.

    Speaking does not mean that we will fight with everyone. Speaking means that we have to put our point in a polite but knowledgeable form so that the other person has no other option except abiding by our proposition.

    Even in workplace one must make ones point clearly and intelligently so that the person at a higher level will think twice before taking a wrong decision.

    I remember one incident where one of my colleague told a higher up that doing the things that way in a particular case will bring investigation and they should refrain from that line of thinking. The boss did not agree but after a few days the boss called him and thanked for his advice.

    So we should not be afraid of speaking. But let us put our point cordially and should not offend others just because we are more knowledgeable.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, it is always important to speak up on certain important issues because silence may escalate the problem sometimes. When we don't speak people doing anything wrong perceive doing that is right.
    It's always commended to tell people and stop those who indulge in the illegal and irrational thing that can cause harm to society. Everyone should behave responsibly as it is the responsibility of everyone to protect people from hazardous things.
    Whether it is about manufacturing date on food items or the expiry date on the medicine, remaining silent and speaking up against this mense could prove disastrous for society.
    Silence sometimes kills, though it is encouraged on a certain occasion.
    We should be conscious citizens and always keep a close watch on things that are harmful and stop them interspersing in our society.

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    Yes, it is important to speak up when someone is doing anything wrong. It should not only when it is done with you, even if you see someone is doing wrong with someone you should speak because if you don't speak the courage of the person will increase and he will not stop at any stage.

    Yes, it's easy to pay 1 Rs extra for the packaged water but imagine why the person does it.

    Many people don't speak up due to the fear because he doesn't want to indulge in unnecessary argument but he forgets that today it's been happening with others tomorrow he may do with you too so we must end it when we notice it.

    It's very sad to see people even don't react if they see someone lying on the road. It looks as if the emotions of people have died these days. Recently i was watching a video where a child of the age of 5 years does due to electric shock in day time in a park but no even cares to see him. That's a strange world we are living in these days.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It is true. Many of us are becoming complacent. We don't want to question somebody and get into controversies. If the food packet is having the old date of manufacturing as a customer we have every right to return that packet and take a fresh packet. As a seller, he is supposed to see and should not sell those products but they never do that. Recently I purchased medicine in a medical shop. For expiry of medicine, only two days time is there. Then I told the vendor that the complete packet can't be consumed in two days and I returned the medicine. He is not having fresh and stock. So he has given the money back and I purchased the medicine in some other shop.
    If any customer wants to use those food items which are old, it is his wish and but we should not use them.
    We need not go for a confrontation with the vendors but we will have every right to demand the correct product as we are paying the money he has asked for the product. The other customers should not support the vendor in such aspects. It will be foolish only.

    always confident

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