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    If it is a democratic country why there is no acceptance of referendum?

    When I was studying statistics in Bachelor degree first I time heard about this. A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of a new law. In some countries, it is synonymous with a plebiscite or a vote on a ballot question. Will referendum is the only way to lay the path for a real democratic country? If wasting money is the only reason that stops then we are already wasting so much money for unproductive things? Do you think a referendum in resolving main issues will make the country fully democratic?
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    I don't know how the referendum works and the procedure followed. All the members sitting in our parliament or state assembly are the representatives of the people. Each MP or MLA represent a constituency where majority public voted for them to represent them in Parliament and state Assemblies. Hence any proposal coming up should be discussed by the MP or MLA with the people of their constituency and majority opinion should be taken into consideration, and they vote accordingly in Parliament or Assembly.
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    As long as the elected representatives of the people work sincerely for the development of the country, there will not be any problem and the present set up in our country is the best. But unfortunately the elected people are becoming selfish and once they got elected they are forgetting their role to be played in the development of the country and personal and party interests are coming before the country. In a country like India to have a referendum for all important matters is very difficult.
    Yesterday in a speech our Vice President was advising the voters to ask the progress card of the MLAs and MPs when they come to you for a vote. He says what are the promises made in the previous elections and how many of those promises were fulfilled is to be answered in that report he says. If it really happens then we will have good progress. But the people are also more interested in their personal gains rather than the progress in general.

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    Our country is not partially democratic. A referendum on certain issues may give people the option to speak their mind and based on that a proposal may be granted or rejected. The main problem in our country is a large section of people is not well informed and hence they cannot make the correct choice. Education plays a great role here and as long as people are unable to analyze the pros and cons of any proposal we cannot expect them to make an informed decision.

    After all, we cannot come to any decision only based on our emotion. Any decision taken emotionally won't be able to produce the desired results and in most cases, people had to repent after taking certain decisions emotionally. In a country where politicians lure voters during elections by providing them freebies and there are allegations of corrupt poll practices, there is doubt how effective will be a referendum on any major issue.


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    So far we have not heard this practice in our country but yes, if it is allowed in our constitution then in case of confusion and polarisation and turmoil in the political system we should go for the referendum.

    I heard about it followed in some of the European countries. We have to see what is the procedure and who invokes it? President or PM or some parliamentary board.

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