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    Does money grow on trees?

    Many of us might have listened to this quote mostly from our parents when we used to demand things which were out of their budget. My parents used to say this very often and when they used to say this i always use to think if it could happen then i would not have asked money from my parents but would have directly plucked money from the trees and would have bought anything which I wished.

    But now when I am grown up I totally understood the meaning why they used to say this. This is because money is earned with hard work and we should not waste it for the things which are not essential.

    Moreover, have you thought about what would have happened if money grows on a tree? Have you imagined it?

    Everyone will become a farmer and start growing money producing trees. No one will take any other work ultimately the world will get destroyed as there will no sweepers, postman, shopkeepers etc. Then how this world will run.

    What's your opinion about this?.
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    Ha ha. This with many other comments & statements were used to be the heavy doses through our parents & elders during our childhood days. These were something meant to let us know that we were about to cross our limits or we already have crossed it. Although as a small child I was into some fantasy land with absolutely no idea of any ground realities but still & as far as I remember I never reacted to those but as we were a bit grown-up then we came to know about why were told so. Now a big time has been gone since then but still I don't intend for such imaginations like money on trees as these only can let others understand of some real facts indirectly but never ever be practical.

    I thank the author for this as this has refreshed my childhood memories with a hope that someday this too might come true. Who knows because our life is full of unexpected surprises & the next day we might be gifted with this?

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    Money does not grow on trees and that is the reason why so many people are working day and night relentlessly to acquire it.

    If it were available so easily on the trees the world would have different business propositions and it is difficult to predict in what shape it would have been.

    Anyway, let us come to the real world where it does not grow on trees.

    Earning money requires not only hard work but also strategic and commercial planning. It is not an easy task. Very few people are successful in earning big amounts of money and that is why it is most of the times attributed to destiny or luck.

    If there is even a small opportunity or smell of money, most of the people will run towards it. During 1848 to 1855, there was a great gold rush in California, USA. People from various places like European countries started to go there for extracting gold from the open areas. Some even died on the way. It is estimated that about Rs 3 lakh people reached there.

    There was no Govt control and anyone who can work hard with a shovel, some tools and tray in his hand could get some gold by the evening. The place developed fast and hotels and other facilities came up. In a few years all the gold was taken by the hard working people and then the area was deserted. It was a bad terrain and tough condition but people got good quantities of gold.

    So it is not easy to make money, it requires good efforts.

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    No doubt. Money grows on the tree.
    For children, the money grows on a tree called 'Parents'
    For the employed, money grows on a tree called 'Boss".
    For a wife, money grows on a tree called 'Hubby'
    For the old, money grows on a tree called 'Wards'
    For the politicians, money grows on a tree called 'Public'
    For cine artists, money grows on a tree called 'Fans'

    However, plucking money from such trees are strictly controlled.

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    This is a general saying which will be heard many times in the families. When I used to ask money from my father during my school days he used to say this, money is not growing on the trees. Money may not grow on trees. But trees are also a source for money earning. Farmers are earning through crops only.
    But trees will definitely give us life If there are no trees on earth, it is possible for the people to live in this universe. The trees are only giving required oxygen for his to breath in. Trees are only absorbing the gases that are being discarded by us. That way trees are helping us two ways.
    Earning money is very difficult and one should waste money by spending unnecessarily When we want to waste money people will say this proverb to say us that money should not be wasted as it is the rarest commodity and can't be earned easily.

    always confident

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    An afterthought after reading Dr. Rao's response. Yes. Money grows on the trees unseemingly. All plants and trees give us their yields that are converted into money.
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    #658915 Sun and what will happen if the trees bear money in place of fruits.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    I am sure all of you have heard about Money Plants. Though this plant has multiple names, popularly in the Indian subcontinent it is known to many as Money Plant. During my childhood, somebody has given us a Money Plant. It was kept in a big jar and at first, I thought money will grow there. I am fortunate enough because nothing like that happened though it continued to grow at a great pace. If money were really grown on plants like this there wouldn't be any demand for money. We can imagine a situation where

    1. There wouldn't be any banks to safely keep them.
    2. Like any other produce, people used to sell money in the open market.
    3. The government would have fixed MSP for money too.

    Lastly, the medium of exchange would have been named something else other than money.


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    'Money' cannot grow on trees. But different trees can help grow money. In Kerala, there was a time when many people turned towards cash crops. Rubber, cocoa, coconut, cardamom , tea and several other plantations came up in most of the parts of the State. Among them rubber got a very prominent place. Many people in the State became highly rich. Their might started to play a major role in the State's politics. Even a political party came up and started influencing the direction of political line of the state. So the statement "money is growing on the tree" has got established.
    This is just one example. One can site several other examples from this country itself. Of course the statement "money is not growing on trees " is implying that money is earned with much difficulty, not simply like plucking it from a tree. It is a warning to those who spend money without any control - without knowing where from it is coming.


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    Many trees produce fruits which are useful in various way to humans. They are sold and we earn money. Some of these earn good income and have high demand, that they are called cash crops.
    Though physically money do not grow on trees, by growing trees and their fruit and nuts we get money even as commercial venture.
    So in effect money grows on trees.

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    Sankalan if trees bore money in place of fruits, that would mean logically that, sowing a coin will help us grow an other tree. And also it would mean that as a tree's fruit ripes, it increases in value. So we would never pluck these trees and keep staring at them as they keep adding interest. Thus I think humanity will show its ultimate greediness and misery.
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    Right now, farmers are suffering. They cannot earn their livelihood and are forced to attempt suicide. If money started growing on trees, then they would be the first people to benefit. It is because they have the land that is required to sow the coins and grow the money. Thus, they will be the first ones who can grow a number of trees and quickly get rich. Whereas others who have a piece of land here and there will benefit a little. Those who have gardens in front of the house or backyard are next to benefit.

    Imagine all those people who don't have any piece of open land to grow a tree? Well, they then have to steal the money from farmers and others who have grown the money trees. Until now kids loved to steal mangoes and other fruits by silently entering inside somebody's farm or garden. Now, elders would do the same for stealing money. People hardly take interest in growing trees and promoting greenery. However, if money started growing on trees then people will automatically start taking initiatives.

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    If money was growing on trees, then nobody would know the meaning of hard work nor learn the ways to earn money. But, everybody would just fight like the animals and would grab for money. Wealth is not easily available. People's talents, skills etc would never be recognized. Man would be reduced to an animal who can get something only by fighting and searching.

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    Amazing post, thanks for sharing

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