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    In pursuit of some good news

    What is good news for you? Do you believe that sharing some pictures or messages can bring you good news when it is least expected? How do you react to such requests?

    Don't be surprised. There is neither any good news nor any bad news in this thread. This happens quite often. To me, to you and to most of the people who receive messages regularly in Whatsapp. It also happens in other social media having the option to share messages. There are a few people who circulate some messages that say you will start receiving the 'good news' after sharing that particular message to a certain number of your friends. It's annoying to many that I am sure and I have personally requested with folded hands to a few of my friends not to send me those junks. But there are still many people who really think they will receive some 'good news' and with this belief keep on circulating those messages.

    Now let me try to figure out some good news that we expect in certain situations. A student after sitting for an examination, wait for the results and to him coming out with flying colours is good news. A young graduate after facing the interview board eagerly wait for the announcement and to him getting the job is good news. To an employee, getting promoted is good news. There are many examples like this. But when there is no such situation, what kind of good news you wish to receive? Members, to you, what are these unexpected 'good news'?
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    Even I too get such messages on WhatsApp so often and usually, I dont circulate these messages to 7 or more people further. I dont fear that anything bad will happen if I dont circulate them further. This is nonsense people just create such a message and float them. Like you I also have requested friends not to send me such messages but no one listens to it.

    For me, the good news will be that my kids pass their exams with a good score, I may keep myself healthy without any disease. As from a few days, my blood sugar has increased for which i have consulted the doctor and he has increased the dose of the medicines.

    For every person, the good news differs. For several people, money is the main thing in their life so for the good news would be that they win a lottery and get lots of money from it.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    This has become very common to receive such messages through WhatsApp and Facebook. In some cases, they write also saying that if you are not circulating you will receive bad news also. It is nothing but a mind game. I never share or forward such messages at any time. We should not have any such beliefs which are all superstitions only.

    There is no reason to believe these messages. An examination result will depend on how the person fared the exam but not on circulating such messages to some other groups. People should not indulge in such activities which are not at all important.

    Some people blindly forward it without seeing the consequences. People will feel bored to see such messages more and more.

    Good news will differ from person to person. Many times good news for a person may not be the same to another person. The sender may be thinking that whatever the receiver expects the same may happen to him.

    always confident

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    Most of us would have faced situations of hearing different news, some may be good and some bad. There are situations that a good news for A becomes bad news for B. A judgement of a case deciding the property rights will definitely be good for one and bad for the other. Thus it is difficult to identify good and bad news universally.

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    The author has very aptly differentiated between the junk news and good news citing the evils of social media also in between his narration. I congratulate him for bringing this precise piece of writing on such a subtle subject.

    Social media can be used for dissemination of the good information but unfortunately it is bogged down with so much fake and wrong information that sometimes we curse it for its aggressiveness in these matters.

    Same thing is happening in email. Only one out of 20 emails has some utility. Yesterday I found my inbox full of messages from banks, IT department, RTO, insurance agencies but all of them fake. It is so embarrassing that we have to face this music along with the advanced technology.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When I started receiving such messages on WhatsApp, I must confess that I too forwarded those messages three or four times, but later stopped it.

    Everyone expects some or the other good news, and I am no exception. Well being of my loved ones, and the message of their progress gives me immense happiness. I don't like complication in life. I prefer to have a simple living with a feeling to share love and joy.


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    Social media is very powerful and useful if people do not overload it with fake and wrong information.

    There are people who misuse it and the user finds it difficult what to believe and what not to believe.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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