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    Observation while commuting can sometimes prove helpful

    Imagine that you want to buy any goods or avail of any service in your city and you start looking for shops or dealers in your locality neighborhood. If you know about the whereabouts of where to get them it's fine but if not then you start finding out this information by asking people or searching the internet. But these might not work always and everything might not be on the internet.

    This is the time when our day to day observation can help us. We often happen to move about in the city for our regular work and needs either by walking, driving own vehicle, bus, taxi or auto. If we are not driving ourselves then we always get an opportunity to observe the areas and markets which we pass through. We can observe the shops and outlets present in different areas in the city which we visit and keep them in mind. Sometimes this can always help us when we need to buy those goods or services as we will be able to recall where we saw those shops and can save a lot of time and effort. But this is only possible if we have keen observation power. If not then we will always say "Oh I saw that outlet in some area, but can't recall where". But nowadays people while traveling and if they are not driving themselves always keep their heads down on their smartphones and hence their observation of surrounding is very minimal. Hence they lose the advantage of observation.

    So when traveling within city areas it is good to keenly observe the surroundings as it may come to help in the future when you need something.
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    That's absolutely true that people are being engaged on their mobile phones and dont notice what's going on in the surrounding or dont observe what's there on the way they are going on. This is bad I have seen people walk on the road having the earphones put up and can't listen to the horn being blown by the vehicle behind them. They dont understand the risk they take by doing this.

    Now coming on to the point of the author that we dont observe the shops on the way these days. I would like to say what's the need of doing it when we have malls nowadays where we can find all the desired shops in a building. Maybe in small cities where there are no malls, we need to remember the shops but in big cities, one doesn't require to do that. Being in Delhi I dont do that. But I strictly recommended that we should minimise the use of smartphones as it affects our health.


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    That is true. It is better to observe around keenly when we are moving and especially when we are not driving a vehicle. It will help us to know the availability of various articles at various places. But personally, when I travel in a car I purchase a newspaper and go on reading it and hence I don't know anything about the routes or the availability of the article. But my driver knows the addresses fully and when we tell him about the item or place he will take us to that particular spot. That is a big advantage for me.
    In my house, my sons will take care of all the purchasing and marketing. So very rarely I interfere with these issues.
    But it is always better to utilise our travel time in knowing more about the surroundings and know more about the areas.

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    Observation is the key to convenience. It is a tool which can make things easier and save considerable time which otherwise goes waste in searching for the required outlet.

    Some people have terrific observational power as if they have additional eyes on the back of their head.

    A few days back I was going to a office which is in the outskirts of the town and except a few shops there in the vicinity of that office it is otherwise a deserted place. I was going there in an auto (cab) and I saw an advertisement board just near the office on the main road near the shops. It was about a stationery shop. Anyway when I went to the office I was asked to bring a xerox of some paper.

    I asked if there is any xerox shop nearby but no one could tell me about it. I came out and proceeded to the shops where I saw the stationary shop advertisement hanging. I asked where that shop was. They told me there is one lane after 3-4 shops in which that was located. The lane was inconspicuous but when I entered it after 20-30 meters I was in an open area where there were 5-6 misc shops and one of them was having stationary / mobile accessories / Xerox etc and I could get it done.

    It is a simple thing but it added to my convenience.

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    What you said is the fact. I do broaden my sight to view the things around while on my way. It really helps. My thread on 'Drink and drive' is the outcome of my observation. When I noticed it, I thought of ISC forum to give a message. As someone said that Mall is a place where everything is available. I would say that a Mall alone cannot fulfil our needs. Yesterday, I wanted to sharpen my tailoring scissor as it has become blunt. I remembered a wayside shop where I saw some scissors and knives displayed with a signboard saying that they undertake sharpening works. It was in a city 25 km away from my home. I went there and got my job done. Can I do it in a Mall?

    The author is right with his message.

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