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    Face to Face communication is still the best

    In earlier days when people wanted to communicate something to others they had no alternative other than going and meeting them face to face. This was due to the lack of modern modes of communication like mobile phones, messaging etc. Nowadays social media and messaging have engulfed the world in such a way that even two people sitting in the same room tend to talk to each other virtually through chatting, messaging etc.

    In offices and even personal life people often communicate with each other through emails and chats and there will be a chain of emails going back and forth. One person sends an email and the other person replies to it asking for some clarification or more information. Then again the first person replies explaining the things but again the second person who may not have understood the email fully replies asking for further clarifications. So sometimes these endless email or chat chains go on till the time the two parties decide "Hey! Let us meet face to face or talk over the phone to sort out things".

    So to sort out any issues or misunderstandings in the workplace or in personal life face to face or actual verbal communication always proves to be more helpful than emails, chats or messaging. Expressing the things in writing will always have its drawback as it depends on how different people are able to frame the writing. It can never be equated to face to face talk.

    So when things do not become clear or sorted out by exchanging few emails or chat messages then it is always better to switch back to our traditional means of communication which is "Face to Face". It will definitely help to understand and communicate in a better way and issues can be resolved faster.

    So what do you think about this?
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    Personally meeting and discussing the issues will be the best way always. That is why in corporates companies generally. they will arrange a meeting with senior executives once in a month or so personal meetings in which powerpoint presentations will be made by each executive about the progress made and the planning for the remaining.
    By sending messages and again receiving a reply to our message and again we have to clarify his doubts. It will become a long process. If more than two persons are involved it will become further complicated. Conference calls and chatting online are the possible ways but that will not make us express yourself correctly and there will be more communication gaps. This will create problems.
    But when we sit together and talk across the table our doubts will be clarified and we can come to an understanding and minutes of the meeting can be made with the decisions taken in the meeting. This will help us in proceeding fast in the execution of the work.

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    Face to face communication is the oldest and most satisfying way of reaching to solutions. With the advent of technology many new methods have come for communication and people sitting in different location can comfortably discuss or chat on the matters. Video conferencing is picking up in private as well as Govt channels.

    Still, there is no substitute for face to face communication. You can easily fight or bang a person on phone but once he is physically present nearby, you will not have so much freedom to handle him roughly.

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    It is always best because any clarifications can be done instantly during face to face communication. Nowadays, people are too dependent on gadgets and many prefer email or chats. While they are always useful when the two persons are far away, it is always better to talk to the other person directly if there is a chance. Since communication is necessary, people used to exchange letters between them earlier. After the telephone came into existence, people used that medium too but only when required. Since there are a lot more options nowadays, people prefer to use them even when it is unnecessary.

    A very important aspect of face to face communication is one can always study the body language of the other person while speaking. At times, people say something just for the sake of saying it to manage a situation. While communicating, we can understand the intention of that person from the body language. For all these reasons, before taking any decision, a meeting of all the stakeholders is essential.


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    Face to face communication is the best way to communicate because one can easily understand what a person wants to say at first instance itself whereas it's not possible that one can have a face to face communication always. Sometimes when a person is sitting far away from the person then it's better to have communication through email, or etc.

    Sometimes we may not be able to clarify the things unless we sit together and discuss. That is the reason in offices it's always decided to have a meeting with all the department heads and have their views on important things.

    Brainstorming cannot be done through phone or other things it can only be done when people sit together and discuss. This is a traditional method but it's still the best way of communication and in personal life as well as in industries it is preferred. For small issues, emails are the fastest and easiest way to communicate.


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