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    We have to be visionary and futuristic for sustained growths.

    Whenever there is a big project or task people are apprehensive about it and have doubts and concerns in their mind as to how that will be achieved and how the funds would be mobilised. It happens with everyone. This is a dilemma observed in personal life as well as private or Govt organisations.

    We are fearful in going for futuristic projects. We believe in small bundles of tasks which are solving the current problem and then we are reviewing it soon only to find that it was insufficient.

    This mindset requires a change. We have to be futuristic, whether it is a solving traffic problem with flyovers or creating infra structure in new areas or any such facility which is going to be utilised by the public not today but during the coming decades. Laying a thick concrete road is better than repairing it every time before monsoon.

    It is not that our Govt is not going for large projects but there are only a few of them. We have to inculcate the visionary and futuristic ideas in our endeavours so they will sustain in the coming times.

    Let us not be bogged down with projects for next 2-3 years. Our projects should be crafted considering the population increase and infrastructure bottlenecks expected in coming times that is the coming decades.

    What do you think about this?
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    Sustained growth is very important. Otherwise, it is of no use. When we think of a project we should also consider what is the financial commitment in that project. Are we have the required funds to carry out the complete task. Are we have to take a loan and how can we repay the loan and can we complete the loan repayment within the period. By making that loan is there any effect on the money available for our routine expenses or is we to make any amendments on that front also? These are all to be thought when we think of a project in our family.
    But the projects that are being planned by the governments may have a different process, I think. They have to take up the projects based on the priority and they can't stop the project for the shortage of funds. They have to get funds from other departments or central government or from other countries, but they should not go back on the project.

    always confident

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    It is true that myopic vision will not be helpful in the overall development. What is required is a long time strategy.

    I do not think that funds are any problem in our country. Every year a lot of funds are not utilised and carried forward to the next fiscal.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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