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    If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets.

    How true this saying is?

    It means that we all have wishes buy to fulfil them one has to work hard it's not that you don't work for them and they get fulfilled.

    It's truly said that if wishes were fishes then everyone could have caught them by just setting the net and could have slept by the side.

    I cited this example for my friend who thinks this way. He always has a list of materials but doesn't have sufficient money to buy them and then tries to borrow money from others to fulfil his wishes. Every time I try to make this understand that he will have to work hard but he is adamant. It seems he has given up but why can't he give up his wishes

    This is ironic that it's difficult to make a balance of the demands and the earnings in life, those who do get success in life and others just live an ordinary or a miserable life. What's your take in this?.
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    It is true that our wishes should be in line with our capacities and capabilities. Otherwise, we may go for loans and repaying the loan with interest will make bankrupt. So before making a wish, we should think, is it worth? Can we afford it? The wish should not be like an elephant which is gifted by a king to a man who is not having anything to spare. It will never be a walk on roses. It will be walk-on thrones sometimes. So we should limit our wishes in such a way that it will not become a big affair for us.
    Spending is very easy but earning is very difficult. Once you start balancing your income and expenditure and see that the expenditure can't be more than the income, your life will be smooth. Otherwise, if you start taking a loan and if you are not repaying as per the schedule, the interest will go on accumulating and finally, it will be a herculean task to you to repay that loan. So I suggest all to see that our expenditure will be less than our income.
    Elders should teach younger people about minimising the expenditure and how to spend the money in a useful way only and see that they will not go for loans.

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    There is no limit to the human desires and greed. More we get more we crave for. We have to put an arrester or we have to limit our wanting somehow, other wise we will be lost in the materialistic trap of the modern times.

    There is no free meal in this world. One has to procure it with great labour and hard work. In western world there was a science fiction writer who started writing science fiction in an early age. At that time the magazines like 'Astounding World' and similar others were the bench marks for the budding science fiction writers.

    This writer used to send his stories for publication and continued sending them for a long time but the editor of the magazine was very quality conscious and did not approve his initial works and in fact did a lot of corrections to them before returning it to the author.

    For a long time the author struggled and only after his first story published and he was liked by the readers that he could establish himself as an accomplished writer.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Beautiful saying. We are never content with wishes. We just keep hoarding our wishes and means of accumulating them. If wishes were fishes we would use the smaller ones to get the bigger ones too. That way we would never stop wishing and hoarding.
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    No effort is required to make a wish. A person can sit and prepare a never-ending list of wishes. However, it requires plenty of efforts to make each one of them come true. It is sad to know that wishes are not fishes. Thus, we cannot cast nets and make them come true. We need to work hard and put in efforts to fulfil them.

    "If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets". It is a very beautiful saying which teaches us how to keep our needs and wish list under control. There are other similar sayings too. One of them is "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". Both of them are very similar. Both of them mean that if wishing was easy, then even those of us who had nothing would be blessed with everything. Since wishing isn't easy, hard work comes in the scene. Those who work hard will fulfil their wishes and those who cannot will always daydream.

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    When you wish something, it means you have a desire for it. Now, you must have the means to fulfil your desire. If that particular thing is presently not affordable, you must find ways to accumulate money to purchase the thing if it is any material. It may be a little late, but at least you followed your wish to make it true.

    Now, every time the wish cannot be materialistic. For example, you may wish to read a book but not getting enough time to sit with it. Here money is not the deciding factor, rather your time is. Whatever may be the wish, you have to put in your sincere efforts to make it come true. Remember, casting a net always cannot guarantee a good catch. A little effort is also required from your end. For any materialistic wish, the saying is true because you have to give little efforts to expect a good catch.


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    Very correct. Life is not so simple. We have to work hard to achieve the objectives and results.

    One who thinks that everything will be easily obtained is in for a big mistake.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is not bad to have wishes in our life. Without wishes, our life would be useless as a waste. To arrest the wish we should design our net accordingly. Design means the finance, capacity, capability and efforts. Always aim to grow in life. Both the fish and the net is with us only. If you have a small net, try to get a small fish. If you have an extraordinary net, try to get a big fish. What is important is the net we have.
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