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    Craze for Korean dramas

    After watching few Korean serials and many Korean movies, I felt their family attachments are similar to us like respect to elders, living with parents even after marriage, parents showing attention to kids education, love, break up etc. I watched many series in my college days. I found it so crazy among all students at that time.

    Now after 5 to 6 years, I still find such craze among current students too. I see them in college forums raising queries on new Korean web series, movies and sharing videos from Korean dramas etc. It looks like the tastes and preference of that age has not changed. Korean dramas has a more collection in family and love genre.

    Even now, if I get bored of my routine, I start to watch Korean series. Till the end of that series, I feel like living in a different cool world. Have you watched Korean dramas/movies? What is your opinion on them?
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    Since you have said it, I will go for it. I have never watched any Korean serials.
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    I never watched Korean movies. But I had been to Korea and stayed there for 10 days on some official work. There are also you find many families going together for shopping and other activities. I don't know about their movies or serials on TV. So I can't comment on that. But the Koreans are more disciplined than many others on road and in following traffic rules.
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    I have not watched Korean movies or serial ever in my life. But a new thing I have been learning from your post. Its good to know that Koreans too are like us.

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    Kindly correct the spelling of drama in the heading of forum post.

    I have seen some Korean movies. They are very nice depiction of the subtle sentiments between human beings. Yet to see the soaps or dramas.

    Korea people are not only advanced in technology but also fine arts.

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    K Drama and KPop is much liked by female students. Apparent reason would be those Korean guys. They all undeniably look cute. Foreign media is always a good way to learn about cultures. Since you know about K-drama I would assume you know about anime too. I watch a lot of anime. They provide me a window on Japanese culture and mindset. I have watched only one Korean drama called Mirror of the witch and absolutely loved it.
    To me all south and south East Asian cultures are similar. We put values and duties before dreams and self and that is reflected in the media like anime and K-drama.

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    I have seen one Korean movie. It was very impressive. The story, direction and acting of the actors was superb.

    I have to see a few more to find out the general trend of Korean movies.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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