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    New trend in wedding invitations and return gift

    There is a popular saying about marriage.. "Marriage is a crop of thousand years" (Aayiram kaalath payir - in Tamil). To make it more meaningful to this current global situations, a team brought in a concept of seed balls. Marriage invitations and return gifts are printed in a card box, which contains these seed balls. When the invitations are thrown, they will grow up to plants or trees in future.

    These seeds are covered with cow dung and other natural fertilizers, so that the seeds will not be spoiled till it reaches the land and get enough water to root. Also the invitations are completely made up of bio degradable items. The same way return gift boxes are designed and getting circulated in recent functions. People who are interested to something different, something useful to this earth on their special occasions are encouraging this emerging concept.

    To my knowledge, western countries already follows a concept of seed paper invitation.

    What do you think about this concept? Will you make use of these seed balls, when it reaches to your hand with any invitation or gift?
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    It is indeed a great idea. The author's post is a useful piece of information and is a word of encouragement to do something useful for our mother nature. We all require the printing of invitations not only for marriage but for birthday parties and other ceremonies. We all tend to give some return gifts to our guests as a token of remembrance. Why don't we make use of the new concept of printing marriage cards and giving return gifts as described by the author in her thread?

    How many of us plant trees on a regular basis? Very few of us do that religiously. Let's follow the new trend and do something good for our mother nature. Indirectly we will be promoting the growth of trees and encouraging greenery around us. Of course, we should make use of these seed balls if they reach us by any means and encourage the same from now onwards.

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    A very good idea. It is an indication of the concern you have towards the environment. This is the trend these days. From my grand daughter's ist birthday we have given to all the people who attend one sapling so that they can grow it to a tree. Many people appreciated our thought. After that in one marriage function in Hyderabad, the saplings were given as return gift.

    Seeds giving is also a wonderful idea, My brother's daughter gave my two sons greeting cards for Raksha Bandhan and she put some seeds in the greeting card. She gave one pot also. My sons seeded those seeds in that pot. Now they are plants. After some time they may become trees.

    All these activities show the concern we have for the environment. For all functions, if we start to give gifts like this, the awareness among the people for the environment will increase and we will see many people planning tree plantation which is very good for the protection of the environment.

    always confident

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    I appreciate the new trend followed in inviting people for marriages and the return gift. It is a wonderful trend, but this will be of no use to urban people who live in flats and independent houses in a small area where the seeds will not become plants or trees. It would be a wasteful effort. It is suitable for rural invitees, especially the farmers.
    Suppose every invitee gives a gift to the couple in the same manner, where would the couple go and plant the seeds given by all the invitees?

    Anyway, this trend is a better trend than the trend informed by Dr. Rao about promoting politics and seeking votes through invitations.

    No life without Sun

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    Anyway the invitations are thrashed later, when these seeds are thrashed along with the invitation, they will be dumped anywhere in an empty area, they may start to root in the places where they fall.

    The idea of seed balls is appreciated by urban people, because it is helpful to those who like to do planting but no idea on how to do it. They can simply place it on the bare land they see. As i already mentioned, those seeds are protected with organic fertilizers, till they start to grow.

    True that, not all seeds will get a chance to be placed in right place, but the initiation is good and will make good difference.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Any idea which reduces the pollution in the environment and increases the greenery is welcome. The idea might not get implemented fully but it gives a seed for betterment of mother Earth around us.

    Environment is the responsibility of all the persons who are its stake holders and in that perspective any such initiative is praise worthy. Slowly this idea will pick up ad people will throw these seeds in the corner of the parks or some barren land in the town. So these seeds will not go waste.

    Even one percent of an idea is converted in a good deed it is more than sufficient to make the life of coming generations safer and protected.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Appears to be a good initiative. Only thing is citizens should understand its purpose and take it in a positive way.

    This is definitely in a good taste and environment-friendly step.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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