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    Curious to see Thousand rupee currency note. When can we see?

    We have not seen any thousand rupee currency note since November 2016. Almost two and a quarter years have passed without Rs. 1000/- currency in circulation.

    I am curious to see it soon. When will our government release new 1000 rupee currency note? Does our ISCians have any knowledge about this?
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    As on date, there is no plan of government to make a new Rs.1000/- note and release it in the market. There is no news about it. I have not heard so far about this. I heard that the government stopped printing new 2000 rupees note also. Slowly whatever in the circulation may also go away and only 500 rupees note is the highest denomination. I don't after MP elections, if the government in the centre changes and the new government may think about it. But I am not sure.
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    Everyone is missing that old friend so handy and portable in white or black both the modes. There is no news about it. May be we have to manage with the top of the house Rs 500 only as slowly 2000 note may also go in oblivion.

    Somewhere I read that there should be an expiry year printed on the note just like it has a birth year. That may make it useless at that time and one will have to give it in the bank before that dead line. It is a good idea as there will not be any need of demonetisation in that case in future.

    We may be missing it but we should have solace in thinking that some people are missing it more than us!

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am not sure if the government has a plan to release 1000 Rs note. Also not sure if it's worth to release it because already we have 500 and 2000 Rs note available in the market. From where you got information that its going to release in the future?.

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    Earlier there was a news that Govt may come out with the new 1000 note but later on there was no confirmation about that.

    Govt may not like to introduce it as people can hoard a large amount of money with high denomination currency.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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