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    Internet is overflowing with information.

    Internet is made up of so many networks, servers, data banks, depositories, search engine data storage and things like that. It is a huge network in itself and day by day becoming bigger in the size. People say sky is the only limit to that.

    It is huge in size, no doubt on that, but it also contains huge data. It is difficult to estimate what is the total size of data in the internet. Some of that is in public domain while some is locked under encrypted keys or passwords.

    You search for an information and you get more than what you are looking for and if you are not very specific in your search you might reach in a different territory. Sometimes we are lost in a jungle of information.

    The other aspect is repetition of data in different forms. Thousands of writers have written articles on the same subject in their own language and presentation which is known as the style of the writer. So when we search an article we get hundreds of similar types varying slightly in language and content.

    This and other similar creative activities have made the internet like an overflowing reservoir which has more water than its capacity to contain it.

    I perceive it as a baffling situation for those who want to surf it for data mining and information retrieval and with time the situation is going to be tougher and tougher. What do you think about it? Please share your views.
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    Yes, the internet is overflowing with the information and its not always truth that the information we get is right. Sometimes we land on the wrong information too. I always prefer to read Wikipedia for getting the right information always.

    In such a scenario its the responsibility of the reader to ensure which information is correct and has to be considered. It's totally wrong to have the information and without analysing it using it further.

    Recently we had a severe attack in Kashmir and there are lots of information being floated on the internet. Recently i was watching the interview of Adil' s (suicide bomber) father in which he cleared how he became a terrorist. As again today I read that he is changing his statement. It's really important for us to analyse the information first and then use it further.

    It is true that when we search for a particular topic various sites open and most of them provide almost the same thing just a change of language. It indicates that people are just copying the articles and present them in their own language. It's very rare to have something unique in articles about the same topic.


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    The growth of the internet is an impressive one but there are associated downsides also to tease the user.

    Slowly everything is going to be digital and online. It is going be a tough task for the user to differentiate the junk from the useful information.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is true that the internet is enmassing information without any limit. The problem is that whether these data are fully acceptable. Also repetition of the same content by different authors also are helping enmassing the content. Is there any mechanism to delete repetition and also wrong entries. People believe that what are available in the website are reliable. I myself have the experience that the clarifications received from the search are not always right. Hence those who contribute towards enmassing must be more careful regarding the correctness of the matter.

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    Yes, it is true that the internet is full of information. We can search for anything on it. Within a matter of seconds, we get what we need. There's plenty of information provided on the platform on every subject. For hours together we can keep browsing the internet and explore one territory after another. Sometimes we lose track of time and the purpose of browsing. The information provided is so extensive and interesting that we keep reading and watching the content.

    It is true that the content is repetitive. When we search for a piece of information, we get the same type of articles written a little differently. The reason is that most of the writers don't take that extra effort of gathering some new information through research work and thus rewrite the same things that are already present. Internet's reservoir is never going to get filled. With every passing day, lots of information will keep getting added to it.

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    The Internet is a boon to mankind. Personally, I know how much time I have spent in the literature collection for writing my thesis after I have completed my practical work. But these days the students who are doing research are getting the complete references in no time because of the internet.
    Even the internet is useful for browsing the scientific work that is being carried out around the world and the reference of publications. This will give an advantage to the students in the literature collection. Even when we propose a project for sanction in scientific areas, we should submit the present status and the works going on around the world on that subject. For this also the internet will come as handy. You can save a lot of time.
    I have spent almost 5 months to complete the literature survey but now my students are completing the same in a maximum of 15 to 20 days. A very good time-saving method.
    So the internet has some many things to offer you but you should know how to make use of it for your betterment.

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    It's true that information is overflowing. Because of the internet, we are receiving constant updates on the latest news and weather on our mobile devices. If we search for some specific things, we will find many others related to the same topic. There are many things which are repetitive, actually, you can say to some extent it's like books. Many books are written on the same topic by different writers but you need to choose them depending on many factors. Generally, during our student life, teachers used to tell us which book to go for while studying a particular subject. There were reference books too and it was really time-consuming to surf through all those books to get the relevant information.

    Nowadays, it is much easier and you can search everything within the comfort of your room. The problem is the authenticity of loads of information available on the internet. There are a few websites always providing authentic information and whenever possible we should verify information from different online sources with the authentic one.


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    The Internet is full of information and resources, but it is encouraged to cross check the information before acting on it. It can provide you with any material you need. Ask search engines like google or yahoo anything, they will serve you with all the information- latest trend, news, views and analysis.

    We get all the valuable information from the internet. It has become a friend of people who keep chipped into the different search engines to search for the information.

    Think for a moment world without the internet or if the internet is snapped for a month, how would you feel? Any valuable information that you need will be difficult to collect without this important tool of the internet.

    Even business can't function properly. We have almost every business entrepreneur connected to the internet and it will be a huge problem without internet in place.

    We can't imagine anything without the help of this valuable tool-internet which has become an indispensable part of our lives. It is a valuable, most important source of information.

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