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    What an advertisement that tells the truth!

    Today I saw an ad –"Don't drink and drive". What is in it? What would happen if we drink and drive? Many may not understand unless it is shown properly. The ad I saw reads like this – "Don't drink and DrIvE." Can you see the word drive written as DrIvE in which the letters DI &E appears in bold letters? So we can make it as Don't drink and Die if you drive after drinks. What a lovely word and the word inside it.
    Place your comments and say if you have any such ads to appreciate.
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    Wow. I didn't think in that way. Cool. It is very creative of the designer to come up with something like this.
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    It's creatively explained to the people who drive after drinking. It's said that daily we hear about the accidents and deaths of people because of the drink and drive case but people don't follow it. Especially at the big festivals, I have seen the crowd buying wine from the shop and drink there and go back on their vehicle. This is risky people should understand it as they not only take the risk of their life but also risk other's life.

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    It is good. The add is telling to the reader that what will happen to the individual who ignores their words and drink and drive. It is saying that one will dye if they drink and drive. It is good that the risk involved in doing the unwanted act is also incorporated in the message. This type of slogans good for the people so that the persons will understand the seriousness involved.
    There may be many such quotations which will convey the exact problem what they are going to face if the instructions are not followed properly.

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    Mr. Rao,
    Kindly correct your dye as die. Your word dye alters the meaning of the sentence. It is DIE not DYE. It is DrIvE not DrYvE

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