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    People who think their opinions are superior to others are likely to lose the chance to learn more.

    There is all kind of people in the world. All of us do not have the same mental level. Many people have more knowledge than us and many people pretend to have but they don't have actually. But there are few people also who think they are superior to others and in a race to prove this they forget that by having this attitude they lose a scope to learn from the people whom they think inferior.

    In my opinion, one can learn even from a person having very less knowledge too. It depends on the person how he extracts things and learns. I know it may sound weird for some people but that's true and for that, one has to have a right attitude.

    What's your view on it?.
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    It is a fact that there are several people who believe that they are always right. They will not be ready to accept anything from others. In fact different thoughts also developed because of this attitude. I think even different religious thoughts also got developed because of this attitude.
    In several families, this attitude of some of the members lead to the breaking the family set up. Why even the family ties are broken because of that. Husband and wife get separated just because of this attitude of those involved. I know a young couple, just after their marriage got separated because of this attitude. Both are working in IT sector. Both are ready to go outside the country as part of the job. However, the boy is ready to go out but only for short period. He prefers short term assignments outside, since he prefers to continue in India, permanently. But the girl wants to go there and settle. This difference in attitudes led to their separation within a couple of weeks or more. This is just an example, but actual one. Both are vehement and are not ready to accept each other.


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    It is true. There are people who think that they know everything and everybody should learn from them. At the same time, they think that they need not learn anything from anybody. I feel this nothing but foolishness. We can learn many things from other people. There is no end to learning. Whatever you learned will be just dropped on the ocean of knowledge. Even well-educated people also have to depend on some uneducated people in getting certain things done.
    The moment we came to this world we will start learning and this process will continue till you will have your last breath. A human being should learn how loyal he should be to his boss by seeing the pet dog which is the most loyal animal to the boss.
    If somebody thinks that he learned everything and there is nothing more he can learn, his downfall will start from that moment.

    always confident

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    One should always be a learner. There will always be scope to learn from others whoever they might be. A wise person can learn from even seemingly foolish questions by a child. In the vast sea of information available, what we know is a small drop of water. As rightly observed by the author, the persons who think highly of themselves or pretend to know more than the others, lose the chance to learn more.
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    Alvin Toffler, the famous management guru and philosopher, gave the theory of "learn, unlearn and re-learn". He also said that the most difficult aspect of these three is unlearning.
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    Of course Partha how can someone unlearn the things. It may fade away if not used for a long time but cannot be unlearned if frequently used in daily life.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The author has rightly said in the thread about the necessity to learn from everybody. Even by observing a child we can learn many things. Learning is a continuous process and never stops. I do agree there are a lot of people who think their opinions are always right and others must acknowledge them. The conflicts arise from these types of attitudes. Everybody should have some opinion about an issue and must know others opinion about the same issue. Opinions are formed according to our own thought process and since everybody has a different thought process, the opinion on the same issue varies from person to person.

    Unfortunately, for many people, the parameter of knowledge is marks scored in exams and the degrees they earned while pursuing education. We can learn from all kinds of books and I would say experience is our best teacher. Those who think their opinion is always superior to others and they know almost everything is not doing justice to their experience.


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    Let alone learning, what about people who do not accept a thought different from theirs? The observation by the author about people who consider themselves above others is true. They consider themselves to be too knowledgeable and do not value opinions. They do not bother about learning because they think that they are the ultimate truth. Such people are, no doubt, dangerous, to themselves and to the society at large.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Yes. This is a big problem with professionals. In the recent past, a very widely circulated video featuring one Captain Ram is on YouTube. He talks about the superb learning from what we normally call the informal sector or the unorganized sector. He talks about the hundreds of thousands of people engaged in services. For the regular branded bread that we get to eat from the multinational branded company, we also have an unorganized person doing the same and offering it to us at a far cheaper cost.

    What the brilliant author wants us to know is that the same unorganized person can superly compete if we give him a helping hand and literally hand hold him into bringing in far better standards of hygiene and production. Since his overheads would be far less than the organized guy, he would be able to survive and compete on equal terms.

    We have to just understand how the vada pav business survives in Mumbai. This all-time snack is available for far lesser amounts than what the branded outfits like Goli vada pav charge. There is a big market for both products.

    Learning from the unorganized sector, the self-help groups and so on is as good as anything else. In Tamil Nadu, one has to just observe how the unorganized sector operates with specific reference to a particular cottage industry product called "panneer goli soda". The small bottle that contains the 100 ml of soda comes with a small pebble on top of the bottle. When the pebble is pushed down, the soda comes up and refreshes the guy who consumes it. The cost is anywhere between Rs.7 to Rs.10. It is even available in the suburbs of Chennai, though in the city, people are addicted to the brands.

    Learning can also come from such humble people like servant maids. Even they have their own dreams and save a lot of money through chit funds. This is normally done to save themselves and their children from the clutches of the husbands, most of whom touch the booze bottle so often during the day and night.

    It is impossible to stick to only the educated for learning.

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    The feeling of superiority comes when a person feels that he has risen above others. Now, it is obvious that he is not going to listen to all those people who are below him. Now, how can he learn when he does not listen? Even the dumbest person in the world has some stuff to teach. Thus, an individual can learn if he is open to listening and learning.

    The more open a person is to learn new things the more inclined he will be to embrace everyone equally. In the case of people who live in a superiority complex, they devoid themselves with the scope of learning new things. Know it all attitudes which come with superiority feelings is dangerous as it makes a person carry an attitude that is neither good for him not liked by anyone around him.

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    Superiority complex itself is a bad trait and those who have it have to lose at many fronts in their life.

    These people are very egoistic and feel insulted in learning from the others whether knowledgeable or not. A person having superiority complex is actually suffering with some psychological disorders which make him irritating and shrewd with time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We have the people of different mentalities. I have come across many learned people having exceptional knowledge in different subjects but still they are polite and courteous. They would like to listen even from from a toddlers. So these class of people are popular among all class of people because of patience and refined manners. Contrary to this, wherever we go, we will witness some people making aurguements and impress others that he is the only one having command in the related subject. He would not hesitate in hurting others and any resistance from the opposite end would lead to heated arguments. Needless to say, some people run away while seeing such a gentleman is approaching him.

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    You are right. I learn from a smart man's success and a loser's failures. That way we always have something to learn from everyone since they are only two outcomes of an event: Success or failure. I see it that way.
    We have to absolutely hear out every opinion we come across. Working together, with others contributing to your ideas, is the most secure way to success. We can get many valid points by working with ideas and opinions told by others.

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    Absolutely true. Considering oneself superior mars the personality of an individual and it becomes a biggest hindrance in his social setup.

    It is mostly shrewd people who consider themselves superior and are least bothered about the opinion of others.

    We should always avoid superiority complex and always be open to learn new things irrespective of who is teaching you on certain aspects. We can always listen to any opinion which is healthy and helpful.

    In a society, we often see low-status people are looked down upon, but we should bear in mind, they also have a great mental setup to provide you the best advice sometimes on certain issues. A person should, without pressing for superiority complex, accept such helpful opinions wholeheartedly.

    I feel, opinions from anyone, are always valuable. I like to listen to different people to get different ways of understanding some point and reach a particular conclusion.

    Listening to a cross-section of people, leaving superiority complex aside, is greatly helpful. Let's not ignore, let's listen to everyone leaving shrewdness aside!

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    The author has started an interesting thread. I think, around us a maximum number of people are there who consider themselves to be the most knowledgeable of the lot. They are overconfident and arrogant people who fail to give importance to others.
    I must appreciate an observation of the author that people have many things to learn even from those who are less knowledgeable. I don't know about others but, I learn a lot from my domestic help especially about natural remedies. They are not academically qualified, but they have a lot of knowledge about everyday tit-bits which we don't know.
    Thus, we must learn from others whenever we get a chance to do so.


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    Hello there,
    Intresting article, i loves this article.

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