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    Share your thoughts in the Social Hub, but please don't spoil its charm


    Share your thoughts is what it states at our Social Hub. You are also invited to "Sit, relax and watch what's going on..." and there's a warning, too: "Absolutely no spam allowed!"

    Now, why is the Social Hub being misused by a few members? Sharing your thoughts does not mean airing over the top views/propaganda/jingoism or having tirades. Nor is it meant to make snide remarks against the admin or editorial team or co-members. Whatever you wish to say, express it openly during forum discussions in a healthy manner, adhering to guidelines. No need to use the side door of the social hub!

    Mind you, we do have a sense of humour and by all means, you can post some witty remark. We appreciate light-hearted banter and can give leeway to remarks which tickle the funny bones. But Please! Do stay within limits.

    Use the social hub as a platform to share some nice quote or an achievement. Don't spoil its quintessential charm.
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    During somewhere around mid of 90s the used to be the most famous site on which every youngsters were busy with chatting from someone who may have belonged to the far of his or her locations but in few of the instances both were found to be in the same café trying to impress each other with some fake stories. Those days we had limited options for surfing net & even this got with limited connectivity with the users on the other end but thereafter we witnessed much changes on this platform that with new technologies & new software have led to the increased competition resulting into coming-up of more multi-tasking featured devices. These very technological advancements have enabled us to execute internet including social networking sites almost from anywhere. Wherein this has boosted our communications but at the same time has also led to the nuances & chaos around us & beyond when used irresponsibly.

    The main thread emphasizes the very basis & the relevancy of using the social media platform & without any doubt that the same is the need of the hour. In addition & if we can opt for few of the instances than recently few of the youngsters have posted & shared with the columns in context to the Pulwama terror attack which wasn't sympathizing to the martyrs & by tracing those the actions have been initiated by the governmental agencies & even by the corporates & business houses & institutions and we have the news of termination in some. May be some of us here be able to let us know about why these continue to happen to us.

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    "Whatever you wish to say, express it openly during forum discussions in a healthy manner, adhering to guidelines."----------------------This is a very good piece of advice. But is it presently possible in the Forum section of ISC nowadays?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Okay, Partha whatever is not allowed in forums you think one can say it in the social hub.

    Can't you read " healthy manner " and " adhering to guidelines"?.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Sir, did I say anything about Social Hub comments? Please re-check.

    According to you, I don't adhere to guidelines (the tone and tenor of your comment indicate this).

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I didn't say anything. I said what your comment implies. What's wrong with my tone? I did not use any bad word or didn't do against the guidelines.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Whether it is forum section, social hub or any other section one should follow the rules and regulations decided by the administration. Sometimes we may be getting hurt because of some actions of others. But we have to take it easy and go forward. Anyhow if the reactions from the other side are very severe we may have to withdraw ourselves But there is no point in harping on the same issues and continuing here. In that respect we should remember Mohan who politely left the site without any reaction.
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    Did I use any bad word anywhere?

    Please read my initial comment carefully and then read your unwarranted and irrelevant comment. Did you know whether I made any comment on Social Hub? If yes, then what was the comment?

    Please try to understand that some Editors have lost all semblance of impartiality and they are openly siding with a group/a person in each and every debate. This is needlessly vitiating the environment.

    Similar complaints have been made by many other Members.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Yes Partha, That is why I stopped coming to this site.

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    Neither ISC Forum can hear our problems nor the Social Hub. So, work peacefully without creating any problem in the Forum section or Social Hub. It is good for the health of both Admin and Members.
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