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    A story of strange superstition

    It's not a story that I would like to start by saying "Long ago in a land far, far away………". No, it doesn't belong to that era. It is a story of the present time. We all know how superstitious people can be. Superstition is the death of thinking ability of the mind. We all know this fact very well. Still, the heart wants what it wants. Anyways, superstition revolving around sneezing is the subject of my post. We Indians consider sneezing an inauspicious activity especially if something important is carried out at that particular time.

    My dear friend believes this concept very religiously. Whenever she sneezes or hears someone do the same, she stops doing whatever she is doing. She sits for a couple of minutes and then resumes her duties. It does not matter to her at all the kind of activity she is doing. Even if she is performing her regular chores, she pauses and takes a break before resuming. As soon as she hears someone sneezing, whether it is in her household or a sound coming from her neighbourhood or from a stranger walking on the road, she has made it a point to sit for a couple of minutes before continuing her chores. Recently she has heightened the level of superstition. Every time she hears someone sneeze on television, she pauses her work. Lots of advertisements based on cough related medicines or antiseptics show someone sneezing in their videos. My friend has become a subject of laughter for us as we witness her wasting so many precious minutes of her day trying to break the jinx.

    How many of you do the same? Do you feel that sneeze is inauspicious and try to break the jinx with some other methods? If yes, please share.
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    I never thought that sneezing can be inauspicious and hearing this strange superstition for the first time. Have you asked your friend the reason behind her pause while someone is sneezing? I do not know what will be the answer you may get from of your friend, but I am sure she won't be able to explain anything clearly. She thinks something 'bad' may happen if she continues her work while somebody is sneezing.

    I have seen people pausing for a while on the road when a cat crosses it. It's also superstition and nobody can give an exact explanation to this. People do all such things because of some core beliefs and when it goes out of proportion they can become a laughing stock. Strangely the problem aggravates if it is not controlled in time and that's what exactly happened to your friend.

    I would suggest you talk to your friend clearly about this strange superstition. Take help from some other friends and her family members to make her understand that this strange belief is not going to take her anywhere, rather this will create trouble for her and her associates in the long run.


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    This superstitious belief of her doesn't hurt her or others so it's nothing to be worried about. There are many other dangerous superstitions that people indulge in. Sneeze can be caused by many different reasons. So she shouldn't be worried about such as small issue. If she's keeping her superstition up, I hope your mocking will help her get out of this ridiculous belief.
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    I agree that it isn't hurting her or anyone else. She has a very normal behaviour. She is only obsessed when it comes to sneezing. Maybe with time, she will change and understand how strange she behaves sometimes.

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    Superstitions die hard. In our area also many people don't start any work if somebody sneezes at that point of time. But once the work is started they don't stop the work if somebody sneezes. If we are about to go out and somebody sneezes people ask us to sit for a while and drink some water and go. There will not be any scientific explanations or logic in these superstitions. These might have been formed due to the individual's experience earlier times. we need not follow them if we are not convinced.
    It is none of our business to criticize other people. They are not forcing us to follow their system. But the people who believe in them may follow. Personally, I feel we need not think bad about those people because of their superstitions.
    Every person will have the liberty to follow his own ways but there is no right to him to criticize the other people. Don't think that I am supporting superstitions. No, I never follow those. But I don't like commenting on the behaviour of other people which is no way connected to us.

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    A superstitious belief in a person badly affects his mental setup. He starts behaving irrationally and does things beyond logic.

    You are sneezing, so something bad is going to happen, or when you go through a particular street if you don't touch that tree on the way you will die! Such irrational thing comes to the mind of a superstition which is not a healthy sign for a person.

    Anything good or bad is only from almighty and nobody can stop if anything good or bad is due to happen.

    We should always try to avoid superstitious belief and leave things to almighty without thinking too much. We should always be optimistic in life and throw away negativity.
    We will definitely feel better!

    Be positive in life and rest leave things to the most merciful, almighty!

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    This is really a height. She wastes her precious time only due to it. I remember we too use to consider sneezing a bad sign and used to stop our work but that was the past and not nowadays. There are lots of similar beliefs.

    If you are walking and suddenly a cat crosses your way it is considered that it will bring bad luck for you so you have to wait for a few minutes and then pass away from the way.

    These are a few examples of beliefs which people still carry at this age when we are searching for life on other planets. We need to change our mentality and should leave such superstitions.

    The case the author has mentioned is height as how can someone be so superstitious that she is even considering the events of tv real. Actually, by doing it, she is wasting her time and nothing else.

    We should remember that events never bring bad luck for us and we should stop thinking like this to do progress in life.


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    In my family, we don't consider sneezing as a bad sign. Whenever someone sneezes, we tell them that someone is thinking about them. We also suggest them to say Appa or Amma as a follow up to the sneezing.
    Achhh Amma, Achhh Appa.

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    We were doing exactly the same as the author of the post narrated. At that time I was a child and witnessed this happening around.

    There were many others also which have gone in oblivion due to the modernization and increase of education in the society.

    Presently very few people believe in this even at that place.

    Superstition gives psychological support to a person in the sense that he feels by doing such and such precautionary gesture he will be out of danger.

    Yes, superstition is having a lot of connection with psychology.

    Many people fear the effects of many superstition situations and take the prescribed measures.

    My friend's father gave some money as a loan to a person who was not repaying it. One day in front of a gathering my friend's father told that person that being a brahmin he will curse him and his family will be ruined. That person immediately returned the money.

    When I was in my class IX, I had a pen which I thought lucky for me and used in the exam. I got good marks in IX. During the class X exam, that pen went bad and I was depressed and went to give the exam with a new pen. In class X, I got better marks!

    Superstition is a weakness of our mind fuelled by the social and family background in which we are being brought up.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have a peculiar explanation in this regard. When a person sneezes, his/her eyes get automatically closed. So, in earlier days. wise people thought that it would be risky if a person starts continuous sneezing while moving on the road. So, if a person sneezed just before leaving the house, he/she was asked to wait to complete that bout of sneezing.

    Later, this practice became a superstition and people started thinking sneezing is inauspicious.

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    Since everyone is making fun of some other person's superstition, it is a good time to self analyze and notice the more common superstitions that many people follow - doing a sort of hand ritual after touching someone by foot by mistake, pinching both cheeks and not one, sneezing when starting some work, touching wood, wearing black threads etc. What do you all think about these, aren't most of the members here superstitious?

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    Well, the members themselves will mention whether they are superstitious or not? Sometimes, superstition goes unnoticed. People do it unknowingly. They don't even know that they are following some ritual which makes no sense. Thus, only severity can determine the harm or ill-effects of a habit.

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    Well, people of the olden days actually begin some practice due to the conditions prevailing then. Some of the practices even are scientifically proven, but the people do not know exactly how to implement them. For example, sneezing is not inauspicious, but yet the germs are flowing out. So, a person should always remain aside until the episode of sneezing is completely over. For two to three minutes, a person can remain apart because he/she should be confirmed that he/she does not feel to sneeze again. May, be this practice was implemented for the same reason. So, a person was supposed to remain apart for sometime. But, ignorant people developed the concept as inauspicious and they are blindly following it. So, they even now think that if a person hears sneezing, it is inauspicious even from the media.

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