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    My claims were not baseless

    I raised a serious issue in my post here, where I stated that plagiarised content was awarded better points/cc as compared to some of the original works.

    I don't know what everyone else thinks, but to me, creative writing is about original concepts. The dictionary describes creativity as, 'the use of imagination or original ideas to create something…' and Wikipedia describes plagiarism as "…stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work."

    In my post, I mention three occasions where content that wasn't original was selected over others. My claims are not baseless.

    ISC activity - Tickle your funny bone. See if you can spot a similarity here. There are different versions of the same joke, doing the rounds.

    ISC activity - Photo Caption. Does Ajay Chaturvedi say the same thing in the second line, as one of the entries?

    The third was an entry submitted for the photo-based TOW. One of the entries was similar to a scene in a Tamil movie. I don't know the name of the movie, neither the actors. I saw it a few years back while travelling on a Volvo bus.

    I am not casting aspersions, just stating the obvious. I know editors are volunteers, but that shouldn't stop you all from checking the veracity of entries.

    Let's not encourage this practice.
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    Ms Juana, I agree with your point but it may be a coincidence that a person may have thought as someone had already written about it. Just an opinion.

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    Copying is plagiarism. No doubt on that. What about rewriting with more and less emphasis on the points and argument pertaining to subject matter. Does it also qualify under plagiarism?

    99.9% of the material flowing in internet is only rewriting in the style of the author.

    Bhagwat Gita is explained by hundreds of authors. You search any subject in internet thousands of lectures and articles are there on the same subject only differentiatable by style.

    How you will distinguish one article from other?

    If some work is original and gives new concepts, it will beg Nobel Prize.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Juana Ma'am, when I read your feedback in the thread related to Triathlon Picture Contest, I knew you are not making any baseless claims. You pointed out precisely what you meant to say through the hyperlinks in this thread and it's unfortunate that it's happening in this platform too.

    Here I would like to know one thing which I find perplexing. We all read different articles, stories or news items on a regular basis and at times when we are writing, we are influenced by the different materials we read which may be reflected in our own writings. When we are not copying the theme or writing but getting influenced by the work to create something new, can it be termed as plagiarism?


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    This is a very important and serious issue. At the same time it requires a thorough understanding of able to make differentiation between copying and creativity.

    A person who is copying will not be able to weave the ideas in a new form and style.

    Hundreds of movies are made on the same theme but they are all different in their presentation.

    There are software programs which can compare a piece of writing with similar ones in the net and tell that it is copied. If the ideas are similar but syntax, language and style are different then no program can catch it.

    In an examination, students are asked to write an article say on cow. Everyone will write same points in different language. Only difference is one person will be able to put up 5 points about the importance of cow in our society while other person may give 8 points scoring more marks.

    So it is not easy to say that someone has stolen my idea. Because I have also taken those ideas from somewhere else as I am reading so many books, articles etc. No one today can say that it is his idea as that idea has already been used by so many authors earlier.

    In my opinion the present writings all over the world are old wine in new bottles and historically it is happening like that only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A discerning eye is the only tool we need to spot creativity.

    I had burst into spontaneous laughter, on reading Sun's post, in Tickle your funny bone. It was original and hilariously funny. Why didn't it get the 'Nobel Prize'? The creative idea was summarily ignored, but a reproduced content was found deserving. That's not how it should have been.

    Please connect the context in which this post is raised. Content writing and creative writing are two different fields, let's not confuse one with the other. There is a difference between being influenced/inspired and reproduction/replication.

    Coming to the tools to check plagiarism. I go back to the discerning eye, that is all you need to get started. And then you turn to Google to confirm your doubts.

    In a creative activity, I expect all entries to be judged based on the same criteria. And the first on that list should be originality. It doesn't make sense to have a creative writing contest and not judge based on original content. Author's can submit anything, but the jury needs to be more judicious - they have a responsibility.

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    Although I fully agree with Ms. Juana, I would like to give 'benefit of doubt' to the juries in this contest. It may be possible that they didn't check the plagiarised contents. I sincerely hope that the Editors would check each and every entry of the future contests and reject the plagiarised entries with clear explanation mentioning the original source(s).
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I fully agree that copy and paste as well as blind reproduction both, can be attributed to plagiarism.

    But what about rewriting the thing in ones style, different structure and linguistic manner by deleting and adding as per his own experience and knowledge. Will it also be termed as plagiarism. If it is so than I am afraid we will have to remove a very large percentage of creative and content writing work from the internet.

    This will be simply alleging too much.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To those who are saying that rewriting something in one's own style is not plagiarism, please understand what Juana is saying when she mentions "Content writing and creative writing". When you are writing about facts, you can USE the facts but not rewrite whole sentences. But Creative content means a completely original idea. It is just like stories in movies and books. You can quickly relate where else you have experienced the same thing.

    In the field of content writing, where Juana has loads of experience, people are quick to shun authors who plagiarize content because they feel "rewriting" is fine and will be considered authentic work. It is one thing to take inspiration and facts from somebody else's work and another thing to just frame work of other people as yours by writing in your language.

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    @Juana Thanks for raising a valid point. It indeed undermines one's effort when there is plagiarism. I agree that sometimes creative ideas may match with another person's ideas, but still, there should be some uniqueness in it. Intro or climax or in the middle, the story must have something original, and if it is missing, then it's not a creative piece of work.

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    To ISC ME and Editor's SuN's posts are like bitter gourd even if tickles our funny bone. SuN will never win any creative writing contest even if it deserves some award. SuN can win only in Quiz or any other contest which has a definite answer. In the past, ISC appreciated SuN's creativity and awarded the first Creative Badge of ISC. Later ISC ME started disliking me. Once a hatred is always a hatred. Hence, I participate with no joy and without any interest to win a contest. It's like a duty to perform.

    The results (Points/CC) to Triathlon leg 2 which is of creative writing is not yet announced, and also Triathlon leg 3. Now the result will be with creativity plus definite answers. There could be manipulations and adjustments to decide the winner from lovers and hatreds. This I have said it in the Triathlon comments thread.

    When a contest leg is closed, the result should be announced prior to the commencement of the next leg to avoid any suspicion in awarding points &CC, particularly the last Triathlon contest.

    10 days have passed after Triathlon Leg 2, and 5 days have passed after Triathlon Leg 3. Yet the result of Leg 2 is not in sight. What's happening?

    ISC contest organizers needs to improve.

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    'If some work is original and gives new concepts, it will beg Nobel Prize.'

    That is quite a vehement statement. Does the author agree with my contention of three entries not being original? So, was that a subtle 'yea'.

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    Thanks for the alerts. The suggestion has been duly noted for future reference.

    A couple of personal views -
    Juana - the dig at volunteers was uncalled for and not really required. It hurts. And it is possible you saw an entry containing something similar in a Tamil movie. Obviously, not everyone watches the same movies.

    Sun - cut out the dramatic theatrics about hatred and stop talking rubbish! You have also totally crossed the line with the unjustified allegations of manipulations. It hurts.
    (Note: I think you added a lot of text after the first initial response.)

    We have taken some calls on the issues raised and are re-checking the final tally of points after which the winners will be announced. There will be no further discussion on the final decision.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I speak my mind, without grudges or agendas. If I find something wrong, I let it be known, without sugar-coating my comments.

    I don't know which comment offended you because my intentions were clean. You all don't shy away from calling yourselves volunteers when it's required, and it's mostly used as a defence strategy. I don't see why you should be offended with my reference to that term.

    You tell me my opinion wasn't 'really required'. Why? It was honest. Should I have not mentioned how I think a jury or volunteers should function?

    I brought up responsibility, and find nothing malicious in my remarks. Do you think it was wrong to pin responsibility? Or do you think volunteers should not be questioned or reminded of their duties? There was a lesson there for everybody – but it looks like some are above others and their flaws shouldn't be brought to the fore. I started by saying I wasn't casting aspersions. But you see malice in my comments. Why should the truth hurt! When will you all learn to take onus and stop playing the victim? It wasn't a dig, it was an opinion.

    I would have liked to see an explanation on the lapses, instead of logic about not everyone watching Tamil movies. You highlighted the one instance that I did not substantiate with proof; why?

    A member has compared original content with the Nobel Prize – I would analyse that comment and also check Hindi remakes of Tamil movies. The clip can also be found, but the question is whether anyone is willing to devote their time, doing that! It comes down to responsibility.

    In the other thread, you state '…I located the original photo and shared it again with the jury panel.'

    It again raises the question about responsibility, just the thing I found lacking. A task is a responsibility, it is about doing things right, it's not a mere obligation that needs to be completed. The answers should have been checked against the images, the first time that they were shared with the jury panel. It shouldn't have come to the point where you share, what you think were the correct answers, and then go into a huddle when it's pointed out otherwise. Do you get my point about responsibility?

    I hope you understand what is being conveyed, instead of finding reasons to feel offended.

    Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together - Alan Mulally

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