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    Is increasing permissiveness among children good for society?

    Since both parents are nowadays employed the time with children is increasingly becoming a very rare commodity. Consequently, the permissiveness among children is now becoming a norm. It is not an exception.

    Children have too much exposure to advanced technology and the parents are unable to control this. Love affairs seem to be common even in the seventh standard in schools. The social media intrusion is complete.

    Is this good for the wider society? Yes, being assertive is a good thing. But assertiveness becomes aggressiveness when the child is 14 and the most undesirable consequences are now seen everywhere. Why is this happening everywhere?

    Is the societal grip over children becoming so difficult? If yes, what can be done to rectify this situation? Do we really have big hope?
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    Sivakumar, the title, the content and the intent appears to be too confusing. What is it that you want to discuss? Permissiveness, control, valuable time or the aggressiveness of those in teens and reasons behind such attitude? Could you clarify?
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    Sir, please do understand all the issues are connected to the main issue that is, permissiveness. Why and how this happen? It happens when either parent has no time and hence very less control. There are several families where the servant maid does the parenting. In fact, the number of families where the husband and wife have less than thirty minutes of time is a root cause of this permissiveness. I have seen it happening all over, among my close relatives too, more so, in the huge metros. Yes, I think the reasons are just these. Of course, the children are also exposed to social media and electronic devices, mostly from the age of three. This is also another reason.

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    Giving freedom is not the problem I think. We can give freedom to a child to select the subject he likes. But yielding to whatever they want is the problem. When we take care of our children we should tell them what is good and what is bad for him. What is the importance of ethics and values in life? We should make them hear good moral stories and epics so that they will start thinking in that direction.

    But the main problem comes with the parents. When you are busy if the child comes and asks you something instead of explaining him the consequences, to save your time, you are giving him whatever he asks as you have the capacity to give that. A parent should never do that. He should see that the children will be able to discriminate between the good and the bad.

    My son asked me for a two-wheeler when he was in intermediate. It was not a problem for me to get one for him. But I told him that he was too young at that time to own a vehicle and I promised him a vehicle after he completes his ist year engineering. I have purchased given him in his 2nd year B, Tech. But some parents think that the children may feel bad or suffer and hence they yield to their wishes. This is the cause.

    So the fault is not with the younger generation but it is with their parents.

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    Children are the future of society and their well-being during the growing years is very important. This well-being is physical as well as mental. The problem with many families nowadays is parents spend very less time with the children. Since the parents are unable to spend adequate time with their children, they tend to give in to the demands of their children. Because of this many children are becoming very demanding. This uncontrollable demand gives rise to aggression when demands are not met during the later part.

    Children are always good followers and following is the most important aspect of learning. When a child sees the parents busy with their smart mobile devices all the time, they just try to follow this. These types of addictions of children cannot be controlled unless their parents themselves are keeping their gadgets aside for a while. We all have a role to play towards the future generation. It is not that the young generation doesn't listen, most probably we are unable to convey the messages properly to them. Rather than telling and teaching the children good values, we should live a life that becomes an example for the next generation.


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    Yes. It is a huge problem. My six year old niece told me about her boyfriend on Sunday. My reaction, was as you expected. Six year olds are having relationships. I don't know if she means or knows what she is talking about but that term itself came from a six year old. When I was her age my parents taught me that love is a swear word and loving is a sin. I don't want everyone to teach their children that but to teach them about age and dynamics in relationship in a subtle way is necessary. Love is not gross. But falling and failing in love right at young ages would mess up peoples' minds. But even after I say all that, I find this generation children the smartest. They are quite wiser than us previous generation people. They know very well about decision making and they all are participating in international arena right at the young age. They are actively taking stands at ages when we used to cringe at cartoons. I think they can take care of themselves.
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    Social Media is playing a major role in this no doubt. No doubt it's surprising to see small kids being so much inclined towards the relationships these days. I remember in our days even when we were in the 12th standard we never knew about what is a love affair. Maybe because we never used to watch these serials on tv which is very common for kids these days. Also, our parents were very strict at that time and never ever allowed to watch movies which are so-called A certified.

    It's a thing to worry about as kids are the future of our nation and when they waste their time on such issues how would they grow in this competitive world.

    Facebook, Instagram are very widely used by the kids and it's usual for kids what they see that do and on these sites, many such things are available which they should not be allowed to see. Even on WhatsApp they easily chat with friends. It's not bad but it's rightly said that excess of anything is bad and here too it's bad when they excessively use the social sites.


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    Children should be given freedom up to a certain limit only. The reason is simple that if they are given a free hand they may exploit the situation.

    It is advisable to keep the children under some discipline and supervision.

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    Children are the citizen of future. If they are spoiled then the future of our country will be in jeopardy.

    It is the prime duty of the parents to take care that children are not going out of a particular limit. Whether the parents are employed or not they should take utmost care in upbringing of the children.

    If we ignore that fact the children will be having indifferent attitude in the future which will even hurt the parents.

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    In fact, the constraint of time is the main problem of the parents in giving proper guidance to their children. Main problem of lack of time for the parents is their preoccupation with the jobs with which they are involved. An innocent cent child may have different queries needing immediate answers of the problems but there is no accessibility of either of the parents to resolve the issues. This has led to derailment of the normal relationship between the child and the parents. The children may fall prey to the bad companies and this can be gauged in their behavioural - pattern.
    In absence of suitable guidance from the parental side, they would resort to their own ways in tackling the problems. Later the parents may not approve of the habits developed by the children such free mixing with the opposite sexes, indulgence with alcoholism etc.
    Hence the parents should spare their time so that children could be taught the right ways to tackle any issue. This should be taught which step is right or otherwise. They should be encouraged to ask questions in case of confusion.

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