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    Why do human beings have no limit to greed?

    It was the greatest leader on earth ever, called Mahatma Gandhi, who said "there is enough for everybody's need, but not for everybody's greed"

    Decades ago, when I stayed with a superb friend in New Delhi in a room where three of us shared a single room, he would often give superb answers to each question. Asked how the very poor wood survive when they were sick, he would reply that their resistance power was far greater!! He would then take me around to places where food was available for just two rupees ( in 1983) in Karol Bagh. Of course, the hygiene was not ok, but a decent meal in an Udipi hotel cost just Rs.4/- then. When like-minded individuals join together, good thoughts do emerge.

    Greed was never in our minds. We were happy with whatever we had. Even after several decades when we meet, we share the thoughts of those days. Life has several alternatives for us to stay on an ethical path.

    Yet, we see greed as the sole criteria for all the misery that we see all around us. Greedy politicians are so keen on laying roads after destroying so much of nature. The greed of the executive is still reflected in the massive corruption everywhere. Hopefully, since the PFS records are totally computerized, the chances of looting will come down, almost everywhere.

    Massive computerization is indeed called for.; Greed can at least be controlled. What ideas do members have to limit greed, that is now the root cause of all ills?
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    It is a simple fact what Mahatma Gandhi stated. Our earth planet can give everything for the survival of all living organisms on its surface. If the number exceeds, earth itself will see means to curtail it. Natural calamities are a means that is used by the earth. Man made calamities are getting added to that.
    But a good number of people do not worry about others and try to accumulate their wealth. For this they do all negative tricks which destroy even the natural surroundings. This creates imbalance in the nature. This is what Mahatma Gandhi warned through his statement.


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    It is said that human beings are the most intelligent creatures on the planet and so they know exactly what is good for him and what is bad. In such a scenario, he tries to accumulate what he thinks is beneficial for him but in the process, he forgets that he may be harming others.

    I have seen lots of people who dont care for others, for them, only their motives need to be fulfilled. Their greed is too much that after having enough wealth they still think of earning money through wrong means. We see lots of corrupted officers who don't hesitate to take bribe without thinking if the person from whom he is demanding money is capable of giving or not.

    Greed is actually a desire asking more every time. Even when a person has enough he still thinks of having more, even he doesn't enjoy his life because of this desire. And by the time when he has more his greed exceeds and again he desires to have more.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The idea of taking a lead in race leaving others behind is what makes people greedy. It was not the case earlier. People during earlier times were simple and moved at a comfortable pace. They had responsibilities too but never felt that they have to be ahead of others to prove something. They were easy going and simple.

    Simplicity is the original quality of an individual which is inherent. The more we try to move away from it and run behind things, the more greed we are inviting in our lives. It was okay to invite greed in our lives if our greedy nature would do something good to us or to the people around us. Rather, it takes away all the peace and what we are left is the mortal belongings which we can use of course but is not going to bring any calmness to our mind.

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    It is very true that many people have unlimited greeds and that makes them stressful also as they have to work or manipulate overtime to gain those materialistic things.

    People who want to be happy in their life control their greeds to a optimal level and enjoy their life with what they have achieved by their hard work without getting stressed.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    These days people are not only greedy but also selfish. There is no limit these days for the expectations of the people. Everyone wants everything easily at their doorsteps. For that, they think money is the main input. So they will go mad after money. Their sole criterion is to accumulate money. For that, they don't bother about the neighbour also. This nature of the human being is only making the officials corrupt. The person is ignorant of the rules and regulations but he wants the favour to be done to him. So he will go to the officer who knows how the case can be presented as a genuine case by a little manipulation and in return, the officers get money from the person. But a person who is really eligible is missing the bus.

    Greedy people will never be happy. They will be always unhappy and always struggling for something or other.

    I feel it is better to follow the law of the land, be happy with whatever you have and spend a happy life with the family and friends. You may not believe that in that pursuit only I resigned a job where I was getting more than 5 lakh rupees a month salary and joined in another organisation for a lesser amount which is still much higher than required for a happy living for a family.

    always confident

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