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    We all wish to be in utopia!

    We all have dreams. Yes, it's important to have dreams and pursue them. It will always vary from person to person and many threads were raised on the topic from time to time. People have the dream to find the perfect job, a perfect place to stay, a perfect lifestyle and life partner. You ask anybody and many will say they are not going to stop unless the perfection is achieved. Yes, it's very important to be perfect and that's why we all are thinking of perfection. After all, you will never read any article or news if it is full of errors.

    In our everyday lives also we expect everything to be in place. We like to mix with the 'right' kind of people, we like a society where there is no crime or corruption. I hope everybody will agree with it. Nobody likes hatred or discrimination and whenever we see it we denounce it. The most interesting part is everybody likes a system and a place where everything is perfect and smooth and people are living happily. I think all of us like to be in a utopian society which is in fact imaginary. Do you also think the same?
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    Right now we can say that we are living in a dystopia. The reason is that nothing around us is perfect. Everything is imperfect and unorganised. Thus, we crave for utopia. We dream of a society which is perfect in all sense. Whether it is the quality of citizens or governance of the system, everything is perfect in the imaginary world Utopia.

    I wish that Utopia no longer remains imaginary. It would be nice to know that there is someplace in corner of the world where utopia does exist. In fact, still better it would be if we could all proudly announce that the whole world has turned into utopia and we are no longer living in imperfection but striving perfection in every walks of our lives.

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    Utopia is an imaginary concept. People relish it much. Everyone is yearning for that. Every new regime promises for that.

    But what is our contribution for achieving utopia. When it comes to that we backtrack with shyness and refuse the budge and do not cooperate. How can we achieve utopia?

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In our science, we study about ideal gas. It says that gas which exactly follows the formula PV = NTR is an ideal gas. It is a hypothetical case. There are no gases that are exactly ideal. There are gases that are close enough that the concept of an ideal gas.
    Same is the case here also. There is no condition of living is a utopian condition of living. Again it varies from person to person. Everybody wants everything to be in place and everybody wants a walk on roses but not on thorns. But the question is how far it is possible. Nothing is perfect in this world. The issue which you think perfect may not be perfect for your boss. Again it is comparative only.
    But in this fast world if we wait for perfection we will be losers. We will lose the race.

    always confident

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    Many of the new inventions were once Utopian dreams. They ma be unrealistic and Utopian at a particular time, but later on they become reality due to human ingenuity and creativity combined with ardent hard work.
    All aims and goals start as wish. When combined with proper and channelled efforts many of them become achievements and accomplishments.

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    Utopia is a theoretical concept used by writers and philosophers alike. It is a stage of perfect harmony and coexistence where people help each other rather than deriving their selfish motives.

    So it is not possible to achieve utopia but what about the willingness to do efforts to go in that direction. We can not achieve 95% marks in an exam but what efforts we are doing for a humble target of 80%. That is the will to progress towards a utopian state.

    In management jargon, we often hear of 6 sigma techniques which mean not a single mistake in our work meaning 100 % performance. We seldom achieve it but even if we reach near to it that is an exemplary thing.

    So utopia is a theoretical aspect but very motivating and inspiring for those who are progressive and want to create a beautiful world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am not a perfect person, so I never expect to be in utopia. I always believe that being human we are prone to make mistakes. When we make mistakes, then the utopian situation is just out of reach. It is always better to have some loopholes then only there will be some urge to work harder. Else once a utopian situation is attained then no one will urge to work further.

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    That's true everyone wants a foolproof system but do not understand that for making everything perfect who has to contribute for it. You cannot expect a system to be perfect and you are finding the ways to break it.

    This is a situation when every one of us compares our country with Europe but we forget that European citizens are more responsible than us. They follow the instructions and more disciplined. They are not like us who enjoy going opposite to the instruction laid down.

    I have seen people who usually reading instruction of " no parking " but park their vehicle in front of that board. So in order to have a perfect world around us, we will have to contribute to it otherwise we cannot make it.

    It's very sad that we just talk about it but don't realise that we are the ones who can make it. The government can only make a system but to make a system success depends on us.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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