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    How do we take this tussle in Pondicherry?

    Pondicherry has an elected Government. It has been a fairly good administered State. All this till the great Kiran Bedi had taken over as Governor.

    This unethical lady has acted like an extra-constitutional authority, even stopping good welfare schemes of the Government. The Chief Minister has himself gone on a dharna. She never consults the Chief Minister and acts as a stooge of the ruling party at the Centre.

    The Governor is supposed to act in collaboration with the Chief Minister in administering the State. The opposite has been happening in Pondicherry. Even the most die-hard supporters of the ruling party at the Centre will possibly agree that this high-handed lady should be sent packing.

    What do members have to say on this?
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    Kiran Bedi was having a clean record. She was an IPS officer and worked at the highest level in Police R & D also. This is what I know about her. Later on, she became a BJP member, I think.
    So without knowing the actual situation and the issues we can' say anything about that.
    The Governor for AP and Telangana is same. The Telangana CM is in good terms with the Governor but the AP CM is not. What I mean to say is it depends on both the parties involved. As said by somebody single hand can't make a sound. A disciplined IPS officer, why she is behaving as mentioned by the author? There may be many things which we don't know or understand.
    Modi and Babu were good friends. But they are not now. What happened between them is known to them only. A third person may not be knowing.

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    I recently visited Pondicherry and locals were also saying something similar to what you are saying. Maybe she has other kind of thoughts in her mind. But it is also undeniable that she has had a comparatively cleaner record until now. In a Parliamentary system like ours the restoration of power to the CM is the best way. But since Pondi is a union territory, I don't know how the system there works.
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    We do not want to have puppet President of India and Governors of the states and Union Territories. Kiran Bedi was a disciplined IPS officer, and now an efficient Governor of Pondicherry who can think well and act well. She is a bold and courageous Administrator who go by the rules. She is not a puppet governor to enjoy the power of Governors. She too interested in the welfare of the state and its people. She must be right in her action not liked by the CM of Pondicherry.

    I am for the Governor.

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    I do not know why Ms Kiran Bedi became 'unethical' according to the author. Puducherry is a Union Territory, therefore the Lt. Governor has a much more say on the administrative affairs though it has an elected government. I hope the author is aware of the controversies arising out between the Lt. Governor and the CM of Delhi and the same might be applicable here in the case of Puducherry.

    The Lt. Governors are always appointed by the President and in most of the cases, the Governor of any state doesn't interfere much with the affairs of the state unless there is a serious law & order issue. In the Union Territories, the Governors have some extra powers and maybe because Ms Bedi is an upright person she is trying to exercise those in her own ways. If there is any administrative problem in the Union Territory of Puducherry, the elected government can always go to the court for necessary clarification/justice.


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