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    Only insecurity gives birth to justifications

    In life sometimes you are blamed for certain things. Allegations will surround you for no reason. If you are right and have done nothing wrong, stand by it. You don't have to waste your precious time defending yourself. Only those people give an explanation and justify whose beliefs and values are not strong enough. Those who feel that they have done nothing wrong should stand firmly and face anything and everything.

    I feel that if you are right, nothing wrong can take place. There is always someone above you who decides the outcome of your deeds. If you have done wrong, you will never be able to benefit by reaping anything good out of it. We don't have to explain our choices. Not everyone will speak in our favour. There will always be someone in the crowd who would like to play the blame game and try to bring you down in some manner or the other. Though justifying can help people to see the other face of the coin but what is the necessity of the act? Everybody is intelligent enough to know what is right and what is wrong. Trouble makers will keep creating trouble. A person only justifies if he is insecure inside. Instead of justifications, adopt the policy of respect and leave everything on time. Time judges everything and everyone.
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    It is true that we should not waste justifying our deeds or moves when we are sure that we have done a correct thing.

    But in life sometimes it becomes necessary to clarify our stance or opinions on certain matters to remove any doubt in the minds of the people.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yesterday I visited an aged man who lives a simple life and stays in our area. He is a God fearing and rule following individual. During the discussion, I explained to him about the work I have done. I told him how I have selected the way to do the same. I told him even after everything went off well there are some who say you might have done like this or you might have done like that. That aged man just smiled and told me to ignore such comments. He added that as long as you are sincere and you completed the work without any shortcuts or other intentions, you are not answerable to anybody. and you can just ignore those comments. He also told me that you need not to justify your actions also as you have no false intentions in executing the work.
    I feel it is absolutely correct. Once you are convinced your self you are doing correct and you are not harming anybody, you need not to worry. But the moment you got a doubt you should re-verify and ensure the whole issue so that you will be happy. You are answerable to you only but not to anybody else.

    always confident

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    To some extent a sense of insecurity and to a more extent lack of self confidence and ignorance makes us justify adamantly our mistakes even if proved that it is our own mistake only, Many times we may have to cut a sorry figure due to that rather than having an honourable exit by admitting the mistakes.

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    Many people justify their deeds, decisions and actions feeling that people will take them as otherwise.

    This is human nature and a natural trait to safeguard oneself from the unending queries in various matters.

    All the people are not like that. Some are very balanced and prudent and do not justify to avoid queries. They even do not entertain the queries if they are of an insignificant nature. These are wise people. They believe that speech is silver but silence is gold.

    This world is full of lazy and inactive people who will not work and not take a decision but when the other person does a good job they will ask a hundred questions.

    We must not entertain these useless but clever people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, when somebody tries to justify certain actions knowing full well it's wrong, then it's done because of insecurity. We all are aware of the nature of our politicians and how they behave to justify certain actions. They justify things because they fear if their intentions become public they will not be able to garner enough public support. They make derogatory remarks in front of the media and when they are widely criticised they try to justify their actions by saying that the media has blown it out of proportion.

    It happens in our daily lives also and there are many people who use these tactics to save their face. While there is no need to be worried about when somebody hasn't done anything wrong, we need to justify certain actions to prove why it was done at that time. While justifying any action one needs to make sure that she/he has all the necessary proofs to support the justification. We justify any action when somebody questions us and if we do not have the valid reason to support the justification it will fall flat on our face.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes, that's true.

    When one is right then why should he give the clarification? He should stand firm and should not utter a word to clarify himself as people think that he is not right that's why he's clarifying the things. In life, we face such situations on every step and we have to act like this only.

    No doubt truth is bitter so people don't accept it many times but it cannot be denied because in future one has to accept it. Those who try to dominate people who speak the truth they do it for a short period after then the truth comes out automatically. So people who think that they will be able to hide the truth actually cannot do it.

    Honest people are always respected and easily trusted for their honesty. I personally regard honest people. By should such people need to prove their honesty. They should never clarify when they know they are right.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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