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    When a thing is done advice comes too late.

    It happens in our lives. When a thing goes wrong then there are lots of people around us who say that we should have not it like this or we should have done it like this. It's easy to give advice after the event has gone than giving it before.

    I am tired of listening to such people why don't they come forward when actually I required it. Good friends always help you with their best advice when you are in need of it but not when the things have gone out of your control.

    How do you treat such people? Do you give importance to such people and their advice in your life?
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    It is always easy to criticise. It is always easy to find fault. With full knowledge or with some partial knowledge also if somebody is trying to do something if you have some knowledge share with him so that it will be useful. If you feel it is waste of time to attempt that, please discuss with the other person and explain to him the pros and cons and hear his point also. This is the best way.

    But this will not be the practice. Many people wait to know that the other person is failed in his attempt and then start saying, I know this, I have done it and I know that he will fail. This is known as pessimism. It is never the correct trait to have.

    Share your knowledge with other people and see that the knowledge you know will be useful to others also. This gives you pride and the other person involved will also remember you.

    There is another type of people also who always ignore other people's words and get into troubles. Such kind of people should be left alone and we should allow them to learn by their mistakes.

    Everywhere in the world we see both types of people.

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    I normally don't listen to other's advice. I am kind of stubborn. I only do what I feel is right. So I just smile when someone comes to me and says " You did as I said and succeeded", I just smile. Because I know in my heart that I have listened to only myself. The same goes with failure. If someone comes and starts lecturing after I failed, I don't even react. I just move away from there. I only listen to myself. There is no one to blame or credit but myself.
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    There are so many so-called advisors around us. Now the question is whom do you want to call a real advisor? I am sure you will never call a person an advisor who knows almost everything and will interfere with your activities all the time. They will always try to find fault in your activities and will try to prove their supremacy. These types of people generally think they can only give you the best advice.

    On the other hand, when you are discussing a certain activity before giving it a try with a person whom you think your advisor, she/he will advise you after analyzing the pros and cons. That makes a difference when you are aware of all the shortcomings. You can understand from the activities and behaviour of a person whether she/he is your real advisor or lecturing you to follow certain things. If you understand that someone is always lecturing you, hope you will not give much importance to that person.


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    There are very few people who will try to guide us and show the path when they see that we are making a mistake. When we are on the right path, they will be there with us with full support. In short, they will be with us throughout our journey. Whereas, there are some others who come and go. They only arrive when the deed is done and the results are displayed. They have no knowledge or wisdom. They just like to point out the mistakes. Thus, when we fail they appear out of nowhere to share a few words of wisdom with us.

    You will see these kinds of people everywhere. All they require is attention and has an opinion about everything. They may not be able to take the simplest decisions in their lives but would like to debate over everything from current political situations in the country to cricket team selection and from globalization to global warming. All you need to do is avoid them. If they say something that you feel are real words of wisdom, feed them in the memory. Other than that it is better to move on with life.

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    Every person becomes wise after the event. If you ask their advice and solutions before the event, they will escape from it on one excuse or other.

    We should not entertain the unsolicited advisors. They will do more harm to us than any good.

    A few days back I was waiting for a taxi to go to Airport. One of my friends was passing by. Seeing me waiting, he started his advice like a deluge that why I was going by air, train was more comfortable and cheaper, it takes time to go to Airport and for name sake it is by air otherwise a lot of time is wasted, planes generally are delayed and things like that.

    I was fed up with his continuous bombarding but luckily the taxi came to my rescue and I took leave of him. He was so excited by his suggesting mode that he even forgot to wish me happy journey. Througout that 5-7 minutes he did not talk to me anything relevant other than advising and advising. God save us from such people.

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    Yes, agreed, most of the people only want to comment on other's mistakes. They do not want to help somebody while doing the task or when they notice peculiarity for the first time. But, when somebody is facing any difficulty, instead of helping them, they blame the person, even though the person has not even asked for help. So, we should be thick-skinned enough and not pay importance to such people. The best, we should not expect any advice from anyone. Yet, we can find many good people around us too. We can approach them when we experience any difficulty and ignore the people who are picky and irritable.

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