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    Do you think public memory is short-lived?

    The collective memory of the public is thin or shall I say it's a misconception. Do we forget things very easily? To some extent, it is true in case of issues that are not directly affecting our everyday lives. Any issue or movement that has created a lot of stir in the public stays in our mind for a certain period and our actions at times get influenced by those movements. The media keep on focusing on those issues for some time and then it dies down. It again comes up when similar issues arise and then again we become very active to think and discuss those issues. Actually, any movement, whether it's a major policy decision, social unrest or national disturbance has some emotional impact on us. We get swayed by these and at times act emotionally.

    While emotion plays a very important role in our lives if it somehow hampers our daily productivity it may become a cause of concern. At certain situations, people become emotionally unstable and it takes time to come out of that situation. It's a part of our life to face difficult situations but being too emotional and thinking only in one direction cannot bring a positive result. It can always increase our mental agony and hampers judgement. At those situations, it's always better to divert the mind and work on things that require less mental activity. Often people hook on to the media all the time to get the latest updates on anything that is creating a stir. Take a break, a little longer than the usual daily break. It helps. Our impulsive behaviour is always short-lived and maybe that's why there is a tendency among many to forget things easily that created a stir once.
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    It is all in our hands. If we want to remember something for a longer period of time, we can do it. All we have to do is keep repeating things in the mind and never let go. However, there's so much on our mind as we go through daily hustle in personal and professional lives. Thus, our memory becomes short-lived. Media makes use of it in a very clever manner. It plays with our emotions. There are plenty of things which can be shown but the focus is mainly on those things which disrupt our emotions. Author has rightly mentioned that media tries to focus on those particular issues which can bring some sort of fluctuations in our mind as we start to think and focus on all those issues which we had given a rest for some time.

    Repeated fluctuations of these kinds in the mind are not good for mental health and overall wellness. Impulsiveness is of no use. Watching the news, discussing the issues and finding solutions for them can be done without getting affected inside. If we learn this art, no media can disrupt our mental peace in any manner.

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    It depends if a thing which has affected us the more remains in our memory for a long time whereas if it didn't affect much then it soon gets forgotten by us.

    Also, it depends on person to person as few people are very emotional and it takes time for them to forget the things. Even for very small issues, they take lots of time to forget. Whereas few people have an attitude that they easily forget the things and get ahead in life and I personally believe that such people always successful in life and we should try to be like such people.

    Apart from this time is the major factor as with the time we tend to forget things.

    We should always try to forget what happened in the past and focus more on our present. It always hurt us when we think of our bad past. We can't do anything with it so it's better to forget it.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    True. Public memory in our country is short. They will be very serious about an issue for a short time. Afterwards, their attention will go to another issue and slowly the serious issue will lose its importance. It happens many times. That is the greatest advantage in our country for politicians. They come and make some promises just before the elections. People will remember the same for a few days and then they will just drown into their day to day problems and completely forget about the other issues. That is how these politicians are able to survive.

    Forgetting issues is a boon. Otherwise, we will be always remembering the bad issues and go on thinking about the same issues forever. That will make us sick. So we should forget these things at the earliest. Sweet memories and the successful journey can be remembered forever.

    There are some people who remember some issues specifically and try to answer the concerned person at a particular point of time. That is a technique for some people to reserve their anger.

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