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    Single Man government in Telangana

    In Telangana 10 new ministers were introduced into the cabinet. Now the total ministers in Telangana government are 12 including the Chief Minister KCR. KTR was not made minister and also Harish Rao. But KTR was given the Party control. But no post in Party also to Harish Rao. Slowly he is being sidelined. KCR don't want to do the mistake did by NTR earlier by elevating his nephew in the party I think. He is giving more powers to KTR only. The portfolios which are important are kept with KCR only and only unimportant portfolios are given to others. It appears as if it is a Single man rule.

    NTR in TDP promoted Chandrababu Naidu and he had not brought his son to the front. Naidu taken over the party from NTR and NTR suffered a lot in his last days.

    Harish Rao is the Nephew of KCR. He doesn't want him to become a power centre in the party so that there will not be any threat from him. I like to know the views of other members.
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    Not aware of the AP or Telangana politics to respond. As long as the government runs with a single man or multi-men, the aim should be to care the public with good administration. Whether it is Ram or Group of Ravans, all the same for the public.
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    It's almost the same wherever a regional party is in power. Most of the regional parties are like one man army and there also dynasty plays an important role. All politicians are power hungry and never leave a stone unturned to gain more control over the people and party affairs. KCR is the founder of TRS and that's why cannot give the controlling powers to anybody else excepting his immediate family members. If the control is given to somebody else, he will lose his grip over the party and ultimately may suffer badly in elections.

    In politics, nobody wants to lose control and as long as one can manage to get a hold on to the affairs of the party, the better. There is less chance of following the dynastic pattern when there is a proper hierarchy in the political party where the powers are evenly distributed among different members.


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    Here is the thing I like about KTR. He is a very smart man. He responds to problem quicker and his speeches are quite mesmerising. Maybe he is in every aspect a reflection of his dad. But other than that, KTR, as I have heard is the one that presides over most of the party's affairs. So making him the man is a great job. And also we have heard that KCR will be actively participating in Parliament to gain the PM post now, making his heir KTR the CM of Telangana. I don't know how true the news is but, the present events where KTR is being given this importance, only adds to the suspicion. Then ofcourse TRS will be called a Dynastical party. BJP is the only truly non-dynastical party as of now. But even if it is dynastic politics I think KTR is the CM Telangana needs.
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    In politics these things happen that the topmost person in command does not want anyone to progress as it is a threat to his position.

    But it is also detrimental to the creation of a strong second line in the party.

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