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    Subtitles killed him before he actually died

    If you are like me you would love watching foreign media too. I watch Japanese shows mostly and Hollywood movies and TV series at times. For Japanese I need subtitles. We subtitle watchers know how hard it to watch a movie with subtitles. That requires extreme concentration. But as though that is not enough, subtitles usually come before the eminent dialogue so its easy for the viewer. Although that is very kind and convenient it is a major spoiler.
    So I was watching the show where the protagonist discovers a criminal and questions him. The criminal was making a very important plot-twisting confession. Right then a bullet from somewhere comes flying and smashes his skull.
    Now the subtitles of that scene came before his death and stopped at '--' few nanoseconds before he was shot. And those nanoseconds spoiled my experience. The scene in itself is disappointing as the character dies without confessing and then this subtitle adds to the pain by killing him even before he was killed, revealing to me a surprise prematurely.
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    I have a similar experience while seeing a foreign movie with subtitles. Initially everything was in phase but later the subtitles started coming ahead of the scenes and there was a big confusion and the whole interest was subsided and the fun was reduced to irritation.

    This made me curious to find out more about subtitles and I want to share that for the benefits of all the members.

    I found that videos of the movies available in the internet either had inbuilt subtitles or we have to search subtitles for it in the various subtitle sites. Interestingly there are at least 3-4 subtitles available in the sites which are differing in their time start and time end. By trial and error I found that one of them was exactly fitting with the video I had. I kept them (the movie and the subtitle file) in one folder and while running them in VLC or any such program selected the particular subtitle file in the VLC menu and then played the video.

    Incidentally, I had done this exercise for a number of movies of my taste especially the old one (like Hitchcock thrillers) which are available in the free public domain. Though it took some time but now I can watch them with the perfectly matching subtitles.

    I had read about the editing of the subtitle files with some programs/ apps to stretch them or compress them but I was not successful with that and left that pursuit.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Initially when I had gone through with the main heading I felt more chilling & frightening kind of impression but after reading the thread all those surprises & experiences of frightening moments were lost slowly & in the end I felt as though I had left with some confusion about what actually had gone through my mind. The author has been able to explain about what he meant in actual & even more than that what he likes as a hobby perhaps. For me I am not fond of movies but I appreciate the few of the movies which are worth watching. In one of such instances in accordance to the author's experience one of the South Indian Movie I watched completely but as I wasn't aware of the language & therefore I give the credit to the subtitles here. It was a good movie but without subtitle this had little or no meaning for me.

    For few the relevance of subtitles may differ because this may also lead to distraction from the movie scenes but should be ok than as we also can go back to play again & enjoy of the missing parts.

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    To some extent, it is true that watching a movie with subtitles requires more concentration. Generally, when we watch a movie simultaneously we will be watching and hearing. For watching you require your eyes and for hearing you have to use your ears. But when you watch a movie with subtitles we need not hear except for background music. But we have to see the picture and at the same time, we have to read the content written there. Your eyes should play dual rule.
    I will say a different experience of mine about the subtitles.
    One Hindi movie I was watching and in that the subtitles in Local language are being displayed. This is like the Hindi speech of an important national leader getting translated by a local leader. I can understand Hindi. But I am watching the subtitles also. But the subtitles in 2 or 3 plays were conveying an entirely different meaning than what we understand by hearing the actual words by the character.
    This is how sometimes the quality of subtitles will be maintained.

    always confident

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