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    Follow the posting guidelines in social media platforms too

    There is a growing tendency among various social media to meddle with the internal affairs of a country. A few weeks ago top officials of the Twitter declined to visit India to face the Parliamentary Committee regarding safety & security of the user's data in the subcontinent. Now it's time for Facebook. Recently, the lawmakers in Britain has directly accused Facebook of not following the privacy and anti-competition laws in the country and after a thorough investigation, they are now saying that Facebook has done this deliberately. The report indicates that it's CEO has also declined to appear before a parliamentary panel there.

    We all are aware of the Cambridge Analytica controversy and when there is a growing concern in many countries about the highhandedness of different social media platforms, people need to be more cautious while using them. There is a clear guideline from every government and all online platforms operating in a country has to follow them. While social media platforms may not adhere to all the guidelines of a country, as a user, one must be aware of the guidelines in place for each of those networks. Since most of us are aware of not to post any confidential information on social networking sites, we must be fully aware of the posting guidelines also.

    While we ISCians always advice others to follow the posting guidelines here in this platform, it's important to follow the posting guidelines in various social media platforms too.
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    That's important because we may land in a difficult situation if we don't follow the guidelines on social media especially on Facebook and Twitter. I have seen people post anything they like they don't even think that by posting such things they are defaming someone.

    Lately many jokes on Mr Modi and Rahul Gandhi are very prominent on these sites which is very strange because while cracking such jokes we are disrespecting our honourable prime minister.

    I remember once I shared such post on Facebook and in a few minutes a message from my friend came and she asked me to delete this post immediately and I did it. Later on, she explained to me that such acts come under violation and someone may claim on it. I don't know whether it's true or not but since then I have been conscious and never like or share such posts. And we all should refrain ourself from it. It's not that we have the freedom to do anything on social media there are some laws and if we break them we may be punished for it. So be careful.


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    Not following guidelines in our lives in any situation in any context is not acceptable. To have control over all the systems and to have a disciplines society all these guidelines, rules and regulations, and terms and conditions are being framed at every stage by every institute or organisation or government. As a disciplined person, one should know their imitations and behave within the said guidelines. Violating them and doing as you like is not a correct approach. But these days everywhere we are seeing this indiscipline.
    Making fun of others, making unnecessary comments about public figures and writing as thry like is never acceptable in this world. We should be within our limits and we should not trespass into the lives of other people.
    As long as we restrict ourselves to healthy discussions we will have a smooth life. The same tendency we should follow on these social media platforms also.

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    Many people are misusing the social media by posting unwarranted and ambiguous material. This is a bad trend.

    I think we should refrain from posting offensive and derogatory comments in this powerful medium. If we are posting unwanted things it is wastage of this channel.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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