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    Destination and journey both are important for our endeavours.

    Everyone is busy in pursuit of some achievement and objective in life and adopt certain paths or methods to achieve those goals.

    Sometimes, the goals are difficult and unattainable but we renew our efforts by changing the ways we try to achieve them and address them.

    So the goals as well as methods adopted to achieve them both are equally important. A judicious and prudent identification and selection of these two crucial things decide the overall success of projects in our life.

    What is the opinion of the members on this? Please share your views.
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    Without our goals, we can't move and progress in life and we even can't fail to learn things! Goals set in life are important as they can help us improve as an individual.

    We set goals and targets in life. We also use proper methods to achieve those targets in life. We can't achieve anything without proper planning. So, while reaching your destination successfully, we can't leave aside or ignore methods to achieve it.

    Methods or proper planning give us a chance to learn so many things. we learn by trial by error, and errors set the journey to success in life. We may fail and, fail again and again.

    Failing is not a failure until a person gives up. Every individual should be pretty optimistic in his endeavour of achieving the goal in life without caring too much for failures. As failures are stepping stone in one's success.

    So, yes, I agree with the author that methods and target set in life are important in a journey of success.

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    The aim and path to reach that aim, both are important. What is basically required is a proper linkage between the efforts and the objectives.

    Sometimes people do hard work but are confined to a level and do not progress ahead. This happens when there is lack of clarity in pursuing the targets.

    So a truly intelligent person will consider all the pros and cons of a situation and take a path which has more chances of success.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Without a destination, there need not be a journey. Journey without a destination is meaningless. We all will have our own set targets. The destination is clear here. But the way to reach the destination that is the path is also very important. There may be some paths which are very easy but they may be not legally correct. So we should not take those ways. Some people may choose them. But many may not prefer.
    Before we decide our path we should think about the legality, affordability, the time required and difficulties that may come on the way. Once we do that it will plan and get ready to face the situations. That will be easy to reach the destination. But without making a proper plan and changing our paths during the course of action in unplanned ways may not ensure the reaching of our destination.
    The ultimate destination of every person is to get merged with the universe. Various religions are different paths to attain moksha. Different people choose different religions.

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    While reaching the destination, the path may not be very smooth. Because of this, the journey will be difficult. When we are selecting a target, we must plan out the ways to reach the target. But every time, the plan cannot be successful. When one plan is not successful, we need to think of another plan and work on it to reach the target.

    For example, when you are moving from point A to point B there are several routes. Before starting the journey, you already selected the route to avail. Now suppose after starting your journey in the planned route you found a roadblock. It may also happen the car in which you are travelling broke down in the midway. In the former case, where there is a roadblock you have to think of an alternate route to reach your destination on time. In the latter case, when your car is broke down either you have to repair it immediately with the spares available with you or have to avail another means of transport by leaving your car at the service station.

    When you are determined to reach the destination you cannot stop in the middle, you cannot also choose the longest path or the tough terrain when there are more options available. It's always important to analyze your goal. During the analysis, it becomes clear what may be the shortcomings if done in a particular way. Then only you can think of some other ways to reach the destination.


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    When we set the goals it's equally important how to make a strategy to achieve the same. It happens most of the time that our efforts are not up to the mark and we don't reach our aim. I'm such cases we have to change our strategy to reach targets.

    Those who don't change their strategy with the time they never reach the goal and don't get the success ultimately.

    So to get success both the things are equally important in life.

    There are many challenges in offices as we have to maintain the productivity and the quality of the product and for that, we have to make plans. It's not that the plans are made only once they are revised timely after the review and if some modification is required that is done. But everything must be aligned with the objectives of the company's profitability because for that only we all work.


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