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    How would you define “challenges” & “problems” at your workplace?

    Are there any differences within these two or these are the two different sides of a same coin? Yesterday I had an interview & I was asked to explain about the "challenges" on the floor. He seemingly dissatisfied to what I had replied with. Although the interview wasn't that good as expected but for specific reasons I don't want to go into the detail of this interview but what according to you that you draw a line within these two.

    What could be the best way if we have to explain these two in context to the ISC? For instance, we need to have fair understanding of English writing skills in order to continue here but how would you look at it then? Is it a "problem" or a "challenge" for you?
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    As per the famous dictionaries,
    A problem is any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty or difficulty.
    A challenge is a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc
    But in my opinion, the word problem gives a negative feeling whereas the word challenge gives us a positive feeling.
    The word challenge can be used when one is taking the situation as an opportunity for success and growth. Even though the issue is not easy, approaching the same as a Challenge, rather than a Problem, the power to act upon it, and influence the outcome can be done by an individual, When we face a challenge we can try and influence the outcome but may may not be able to decide the outcome.

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    Challenge, I think, is a call to action and provides you competition for necessary skills while the problem doesn't need any competition.

    Suppose members in ISC have great communication skills and I am struggling with it, and don't speak or write good English. And I am criticized for it. For me, it becomes a challenge to improve my communication skill and be at par with the other members at ISC. Challenges are related to skills only.

    However, the problem can be any harmful and unwelcome situation. If one is involved it is not necessary that everyone should get involved.

    Facing a problem, we don't need to compete with others. We can only look at the problem and with the help of some experts solve it.

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    While carrying out any work, if you have some deficiencies that you need to overcome to carry out the task is known as challenges. Whereas problems are not deficiencies and you are not aware of it beforehand while undertaking the job. A problem arises midway while undertaking the job.

    In the context of ISC as you have already mentioned you need to possess a fair understanding of English spelling and grammar. Now if someone doesn't have the required knowledge of spelling and grammar, the posts will not be approved. This becomes a challenge for the person and she/he must learn it to overcome this deficiency. On the other hand, while posting anything if your device starts malfunctioning then your device is creating a problem for you. Challenge is something that you are always aware of and you have to find ways while carrying out the job to overcome it. Problem is sudden, it appears and lets you in trouble while you are in the middle.


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    A very interesting thread initiated by the author. We encounter problems and challenges everywhere in our life including our work place and to that extent ISC is no exception.

    ISC is a well regulated and managed site and members are very well aware about that so I do not see any problem here because boundaries are well laid and we have to be within that.

    Yes, there are challenges and I perceive them vividly. The main challenge in my opinion is how to sustain my activity level and maintain the quality of my contents or rather say how to improve the quality gradually.

    The core activity in this site as per it's motto should pertain to education and dissemination of educational knowledge. So the other challenge for me is how to gradually change my contributions from other subjects to the education related.

    So that is my perception and I have to make efforts in that direction.

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    Challenges and problems will always be there in the workplaces and for that only the managers are appointed to resolve them or help and guide the employees to get them resolved.

    These can be of minor or major types but are to be addressed appropriately so that productivity is not affected.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Both challenges and problems are to be taken equally as they are stepping stones for our success in employment scenario. Only through facing them only our individual capacity will come into light to the management and thereby we can get upward recognition. Suppose we do not get any appreciation or reward immediately we should never get tired or upset as the same would come in long run. Automatically once we cross the situation of problematic or challenge successfully, it is very difficult to explain the level of satisfaction in our mind.

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