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    International Mother Language Day

    Every year February 21st is being celebrated as International Mother Language Day. Today is the IMLD of 2019. I wish all the members of ISC on this day will contribute and serve their mother tongue today. Learning other Languages and speaking other languages is always advisable. But one should not forget their mother tongue and motherland.
    On International Mother Language Day the UNESCO will organise and take part in the events which will promote linguistic and cultural diversity. It is to encourage people to maintain knowledge of their mother language while learning and using more than one language.
    But in many places, people are forgetting the importance of the mother tongue and they are making their children not to use the mother tongue. But I feel parents should always encourage the children to learn and speak the mother tongue.
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    I was not aware of this 'International mother tongue day', and the same is celebrated on 21st of February. Thanks to the author of this post, Dr. Sreenivasa Rao. This celebration started only from February, 2000. The reason for this was to bring into light the the importance of every language. Several languages are slowly vanishing since the common languages are taking its place. There are about 6000 languages as per a rough estimate. Out of this about 43 percent are facing extinction. The main reason reported is the education system followed through another language. The medium of instruction in different countries are not the local language. For example, in our country itself, English is the medium of instruction in public schools and in colleges. Only those schools supported by the Government have the medium of instruction as the State's regional language.
    Another reason for the death of certain languages are the movement of people from their original locality to another region. This is in search of jobs. When generation after generation if they continue staying in the new place, the new generation get used to the language of that locality.
    So the aim of protecting every language is being aimed by UNESCO through the celebration of this day. Actually every language is very much connected with a culture. If the language is vanishing the culture also is vanishing.


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    It is always important to learn the mother language. Actually, one cannot forget her/his roots and language has a great role here. In today's world, people are moving to different places and settling there because of compulsions. It may be because of work, to accompany the family or some other issues. While one must adapt to the changing circumstances, one cannot completely cut-off the relations with the Motherland or the Mother tongue.

    The celebration of International Mother Language Day has a Bengali connection. It was on 21 February 1952, when students of the University of Dhaka, who organised a mass rally in support of making Bengali their official language, were killed by the police. The movement intensified and ultimately in 1956, the Bengali language was given the official status.

    My tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives in support of their Mother language. Love your Motherland and love your Mother language.


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    "Amar bhai-er rokte rangano Ekushe February, Ami ki bhulite pari"-------------This famous song is associated with this day. This day has taught the Bengalis to fight for the honour of our mother-language, the best language of the world, Bengali.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Speak up in your mother tongue, you will feel great. Mother tongue is the identity of a man and his culture. We can't deny the importance of our mother tongue. Our roots are deeply connected with mother tongue so ignoring the mother tongue would be an irrational thing to do.

    We should always encourage our children to learn and speak in the mother tongue. Though learning other languages is fine and there is nothing wrong in it, but ignoring mother tongue is an injustice to it.

    International language day as well encourages us to speak in your mother tongue and encourage those who speak it!

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    It's important for a child's development to learn his mother tongue/native language as it helps to connect him with his culture and traditions. It's good that kids learn foreign languages these days basically English because most of the things here in our country are done in English.

    People who don't have the knowledge of English are considered to have no status. Even in the job interviews, a candidate is expected to have a command on English.

    It's very sad that nowadays we don't ask our kids to focus on native language but on English. Even we prefer our kids to study in English medium only.

    I have observed that if you anyone to write anything he or she prefers to write in English and those who have Hindi as their native language don't know even to write it properly. It's really a pity that we are forgetting our roots.

    On this special day, I wish that everyone at least ask your kids to focus on their mother tongue apart from the foreign languages as these too are important for them in this competitive world.


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    It is good to have the spirit and respect on one's mother tongue. Importance of mother tongue is not just with the communication, they also carry the history of that part of the people. And that is why languages should not be vanished.

    When we talk about the prides of one's own mother tongue, they should be very careful in talking pride about them and not degrading others language. In Tamil Nadu, mother tongue plays a vital role in politics. Thy define the eligibility of people to rule by their mother tongue. I don't want to mention their idea behind it, but I'm worried of few people who criticize other languages and people for political benefits.

    I just wanted to say, "be proud of what you are, be content with the specialties of your language. Don't try to prove others that your language is the best", when you take such comparisons, you are automatically degrading somebody else's language, which is unnecessary and I don't think we are eligible to do so.

    Still many researches keep going to find the oldest language, many try to claim their language as the oldest to show the world that they are the first cultured people in the world. While proving it, people should come forward with many archaeological evidence and literature evidence and not just with memes. Be polite, use sweet words of your language and prove the world that you are cultured now.

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    If you have a western education background then it becomes really difficult to talk well in mother tongue. For an example, "tolaipesi" in Tamil means cellphone. But I hate that word. I would use "mobile" while talking in Tamil. And the names of animals in Telugu too. I feel they are weird. So I use English names. I think that is what western education does. Mother tongue sure is great. But we go far out of its reach once we start using English words in it.
    Care must be taken that we can talk pure unadulterated mother tongues. Mother tongue, will only then not go out of fashion.

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    I thank the author for raising this thread for bringing awareness in respect of our mother language.

    Mother language is the one language which we learn from the early childhood and it is engraved in our mind so much that we are able to speak it and use for communication without any conscious effort. That is the reason why we feel so comfortable in it.

    One thing I want to mention here is we should try to enrich our language by absorbing words from other languages. There is nothing wrong in it.

    The Britishers had, during colonisation, many occupied colonies round the globe and they very intelligently and systematically absorbed words from different places and incorporated them in their dictionaries and today people think that they are English words. That is the reason for the rich vocabulary in English.

    We should imbibe this and make our language as rich as possible otherwise the small languages are prone to die with time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We all respect our mother tongue and feel proud about it. This is the comfortable medium for us to talk and communicate.

    The language is one of the most important thing in our life. Mother tongue is the integral part of our life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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