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    India brings in 65%-70% of the sponsorship in Cricket. Can it make the difference?

    In reference to the recent Pulwama attack, the Indian government has come-up with the decisions that the previous governments couldn't even thought of. We are already acknowledging the impacts in the political, cultural platforms as well as in the trading too wherein the government has increased the import duty by 200% & the impacts have obviously shown-up. In the various incidences, the individuals as an employee or being a student have either been relieved of from the services or have been issued with the show cause notices for being not sympathizing towards the martyrs through electronic mediums. We never got evident of such strong actions all around but what is more important here is the involvement of the people, the institution & even of the corporates. In the latest, the securities have been removed from the separatist leaders in the J&K state.

    But is this possible even in the cricket during the coming world cup? As the heading clears the message that India brings in 65%-70% of the sponsorship in Cricket. I am saying so because the India had boycotted during SAARC summit in Pakistan with rest of its members too came in support of us but do we have a common agreement on this also?
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    I am even surprised at the actions of the government when they announced that security provided to the separatists has been withdrawn. On one hand, you are terming a section separatist because they support separation, on the other hand, you are providing them security. When you have given security to separatists it means you have given them recognition. Now when you have given somebody recognition you must have a reason for that and must analyze whether the results have been achieved.

    If India doesn't play with Pakistan, will this stop the terror activities generated from that country? The strong condemnation or banning business activities with that state will have temporary effects on Pakistan. After some time they will again indulge in this behaviour. No temporary actions will solve this. Lines have to be redrawn time to time keeping in mind the present situation.


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    Yesterday I was listening in the news that it may happen that India won't play the cricket match with Pakistan due to the recent terrorist attack on the Indian army.

    I was recently watching an interview of common Pakistan person they were against the attitude of their government of favouring terrorists. The lady in the interview was openly saying that Kasab was from Pakistan and everyone knows it. She said she is from the same village and she knows how badly he needed the money for his family.

    She said it's not a good thing for the Pakistani government because if in any case, some bans are imposed on their country then they won't be able ro survive.

    It's very sad that Pakistan who should look after themselves is focusing its mind to spread terrorism in our country.

    Things will get worse if some bans are imposed on them. Even if we stop export and import the economic conditions of theirs will be affected badly.


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    Due to the steps taken by the Govt in the aftermath of terrorist attack there is going to be a lot of effect on the business between the two countries as there are many items which are being supplied by them and many items which we are supplying them on a regular basis.

    The prices of all these commodities will be affected in the respective markets and the suppliers or customers will be absorbing the loses incurred. This is definitely the down side of this trade restriction.

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    We must pressurise the ICC to prevent Pakistan's participation in the oncoming World Cup. If it does not accede to India's request, India must not participate in the World Cup (we must remember India's refusal to play Davis Cup Tennis final against South Africa in 1974).

    Not only cricket, we must pressurise the world community to ostracize Pakistanis on all fronts. Due to the action taken by India, it has been reported that the cost of green vegetables has already been increasing ( check the cost of green vegetables at Lahore sabji mandi). Yesterday, Nitin Gadkari-ji announced that India won't allow excess water from three tributaries of Indus river to enter Pakistan. This water would be diverted to the rivers of Indian Punjab and J&K.

    Not only that, we must abrogate the Indus Water Treaty.

    After softening (using a military term) up the Pakistanis, appropriate military action must be initiated as per our chosen timing and place.

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    Yes. Cricket players from Pakistan should not be allowed to participate in IPL matches. IPL matches are happening in India and players from all the countries are auctioned and they will come and play in India. Players from Pakistan are also coming to India and participating. BCCI should tell IPL organisers and they should see that no team should hire the services of Pakistani players. Then India should not participate in any tournament in which Pakistan is participating. Already some of the actions taken by the government are putting that country in problems.
    The government is trying many ways to bring some sense into the minds of the leaders there. The common public in Pakistan is also getting vexed with the attitude of their government. The public there is not having any sympathy towards the terrorist there also.

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    Dr. Rao: Pakistani players have not been playing in the IPL for last 8-9 years or more. They are not auctioned. If they are auctioned, no team buys Pakistani players.

    Here, we are discussing the Cricket World Cup to be held in 2019.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    As far as I am aware of than even in the IPL matches the cricketers from Pakistan aren't auctioned but we evident of those only who once belonged to Pakistan but later on they got the citizenship of some other nation & so in actual they weren't in the citizenship of Pakistan when they taken into IPL.

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