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    Is it the way to encourage farmers?

    The talk around is about the Rytu Bandhu scheme introduced by Telangana and then Central government's scheme of Rs.6000/- per year as compensation to farmers having less than 5 acres of land. Babu says he is giving more than these two to the farmers in his state. Now the hot topic among all the political parties is how to attract farmers and get their votes. Nobody is interested in the welfare of the farmer or in making cultivation as a profitable profession.

    Do you think it is the correct way of encouraging the farmers?

    The younger generation should be made to get interested in cultivation. The farmers should be trained to use the latest technological advances to make their profession an interesting way. What are the ways to maintain the quantity and quality aspects of the production of food grains? No actions in this direction are seen anywhere.

    The government should encourage cultivation also as an industry and they should also be given the needed technical help by using the services of the Scientists and engineers from institutes like ICAR etc. They should conduct classes in villages by deputing some experts and suggest the farmers' good methods to make cultivation a profitable profession.

    Instead of that offering, some money may make the younger generation lazy and slowly the production of food grains will also get hampered I feel.
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    The farmers' welfare is a hot topic among politicians because the farming community is neglected. Farmers are agitating in many places and a few months earlier the farming community from different parts of the country marched to the capital in protest of their demands. The different schemes introduced recently and also the loan waiver to the farmers are done with an eye on the general elections.

    Our country is largely dependent on agriculture and a majority of the workforce is in farming. While there are many advancements in the ways of farming, the production cost also is increasing. A financial survey indicates that the number of people involved in the agricultural field will greatly reduce in the near future. While constructive steps must be taken to improve the living conditions of the farmers, only monetary help will not be of any use. Successive governments have neglected the farming community and announcing some schemes before any elections just to garner their support will not be able to solve their real problems.


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