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    The learned pedants are more ignorant

    I came across a statement, "None are more ignorant than those learned Pedants, whose Lives have been entirely consumed in Colleges, and among Books." written by the great author Henry Fielding in the novel, Tom Jones. I sincerely felt how true it is! And, I agree with him.

    It is a fact that people who are bookworms, and do not love to mingle with people, even are disinterested in various activities such as sports, watching movies, listening to music, participating in dance or have some hobbies like art and craft, recitation and so on, lack the ability to understand the real world.

    We do learn a lot about life, philosophy, society, different cultures or broadly speaking about the universe through books, but that's just a bookish experience. To learn about life, one needs to experience different situations. Such people usually lack the presence of mind and common sense. They fail to react sensibly when a sudden crisis emerges.

    I find the author's statement very true. What is your opinion?
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    Books are the treasure house of knowledge and those who devote their time in academics are the scholars.

    But there is a vast difference between the bookish knowledge and the knowledge required to survive in the practical world outside the school corridors.

    To that extent the quote is very apt and tells these things in nutshell.

    It is often seen that many scholarly persons fail in their life miserably.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is definitely a good passion to devote some time to read some interesting books. Such attachments will boost our mental quotient apart from sheer enjoyment derived from such engrossment. However, it is to be noted one should not be addicted to the point that one becomes aloof with other essential assignments.
    There are other avenues as well such as mixing with our colleagues, providing assistance to our children in the preparation of home - work, sharing some times with our old parents especially enquiring of their well beings.
    However, it is better to be a bookish than to be a man of quarrelling- nature always inviting problems unnecessarily with others.

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    Reading is a good hobby and is necessary for academic achievements. Basic education and knowledge is mandatory in today's world.

    At the same time practical knowledge has its own charm and without that it is not possible to sail soothly in this materialistic world.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There was a small story which was very popular earlier which tells about the ignorance of the people who are scholars. There was a famous Scientist in the village. He made very good inventions and got good recognition. Once he was to go out of the station and he has to lock the house for 3 or 4 days. He doesn't want to keep any windows also open. But he was having two pet cats. One is bigger and the other is smaller. He wanted some way for the cats to move in and out. He thought and finally he took a decision. Then he called a worker and asked him to make to holes to the wall of his hall. One round hole with a diameter of 3 inches and another with 2 inches. The worker asked him why he wanted these openings. The scientist answered that he wanted them for the cats to go out and come in during his absence. The big hole for the big cat and small hole is for the small cat.
    The worker immediately asked the Scientist, why the small cat can't also use the bigger opening. Immediately the scientist understood his foolishness.
    Like this bookish knowledge without General Knowledge and common sense is not useful to our life in society.

    always confident

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