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    How to tame the demon within?

    We always talk that we should not offend anyone or fight with other person or quarrel but in reality it is not so easy to practice.

    These instincts are present in every person albeit in varying quantities.

    Those who can control these vices are the real great people and are respected and adored in the society.

    But there are many others who somehow are not able to control these outbursts of their behaviour.

    I always ponder how to control and tame this demon inside us which time and again instigates us to go for such outrageous behaviour.

    Can you give your valuable comment and view on this?
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    My view is, as usual, different. Is there any need to tame the demon within? We must use this demon to take on the enemy of the society, enemy of the nation. We must use this demon to eradicate the ills of the society.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Every one has some negative elements which give rise to such expressions. It is definitely a prudent thing to control and manage those elements so that we do not burst into spontaneous attacks on others. However it requires a lot of patience and self discipline for subsiding those feelings in us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A very interesting thread by the author that shows how important it is to control the anger. Actually, any outburst is the outcome of our agitation inside. We need to control this agitation inside and if we can do this we can tame the demon. It needs a lot of practice to control agitation.

    We need to pinpoint the reason which is causing anger. The reason obviously is some other thing that is interfering with our thought process and creating conflict. Before indulging in any agitating behaviour, place yourself in the shoes of the other person on whom you are expressing your anger. Think how would you feel if the same is applied to you. By thinking this, you need to control your behaviour. Meditating regularly can be of great help. You cannot change the way others behave with you. You cannot change the others' actions on any circumstances. Therefore, it's better to find ways to change yourself.

    Again I am telling one thing, this needs continuous practice, things will not change overnight.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    We should not react always violently and become bad to other people. It is true sometimes when we see some instances we will get angry and we may not keep our cool those times. It is never advisable. One should have patience and they should not get unnecessarily bad to all people.

    If we can stop outbursting spontaneously, we will start thinking about the issue slowly. Once we get some time to think about the happenings we may be able to understand the other's point also positively. Then automatically our anger will reduce. So the key is in controlling our emotions for a few moments we can start taming ourselves and we will not become violent on others.

    But these days in society we are seeing certain incidents which will make our blood to boil. But we are not able to do anything there and the culprits are surviving and enjoying. When we think about those issues I feel we need not control our emotions and we should fight with the people who are doing actions which are spoiling the environment as well as the pleasantness of the mind also.

    always confident

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    This issue arises when one loses his/her rationality during an argument. Usually it is the arguments that lead to fights and getting hurt right? The best way to avoid such situations is to judge and guage the situation and feelings of the person in front. Always subside the urge to prove something and think of the greater good. I recently fought with my best friend and we did not speak for months. That is not a healthy habit. What I did was really stupid. I kept pushing her to confess something she did not want to. And then suffered her absence.
    So before you think of taming your demon, help it see the demons of others. When your demon understands theirs there will be no fight.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It's easy to say to kill the demon present in you but that's not easy to do.

    Its always said that one should easily forgive others and never think of taking revenge but that's all theoretical we all talk about as it's not easy to do.

    But still, it's not good we should not respond evil by evil somewhere it has to be stopped. For doing so one has to analyse himself and should list down the things which he has to improve within himself. Then act on them one by one as if you try to act on them together it may happen that you end up with doing nothing.

    If you want to control your anger then you should work on it alone first and when you feel that have controlled it then you should move on to the other thing. You should take the help of a person whom you think has better control of such things who can check if you have improved yourself because it's always good if someone else judge you and tell what is lacking in you.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Seriously, I think in the present era where we hear about so much violence ,we need to take steps to control the demon inside us. Firstly, a person who recognizes the demon or evil inside himself should be appreciated .Saying or accepting negative things about own behaviour is not easy. Only a good thinker can accept his faults
    Its only an individual who can make changes in his behaviour. Recognization of our own mistakes is important. Most important is to understand other people and behave in a right conduct .Not to be selfish and be sensitive with others feelings. Not to judge anyone on the basis of what you have heard about a person but behave according to your own observation. Call out the God within you ,he will definitely show you the right way and be helpful to stop the evil inside you.

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