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    Triathlon contest winners

    The winner of the Triathlon contest is Aditya Mohan. He wins a cash prize of Rs.200/-. The second prize winner of the cash award of Rs.150/- is Sankalan Bhattacharya and the third prize with a cash award of Rs.100/- goes to Partha K. It has also been decided to give a cash award of Rs.75/- for the fourth close finisher, who is Rosie Ray. Congratulations to all the winners!

    The points allocated for each leg were as follows:
    1. First leg - Caption contest: zero to 10.
    2. Second leg - Creative writing: 10 to 25.
    3. Third leg - UID puzzle: as per correct answers, the max. is 15 [for this puzzle, a default of one point was given for image #8 to all the participants.]

    Paticipants should use the recalculate feature at their Dashboard and check if the points and cc of the individual legs have been added to your scoreboards. The main prizes & points will be credited within the next few days.

    The final tally of points:
    Rosie Ray -44
    Dr. Rao-15
    Neeru Bhatt-20
    Suman Sahu-41
    Prakash Sahu-14
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    Congratulations to all the winners. Keep it up!

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    I liked this contest much. The reason is probably its 3 tier structure which was designed by the concerned editors in the appropriate manner invoking interest from so many members.

    There were all the elements of a quiz in this contest like imagination, photo quiz, creative writing etc and gave us opportunity to fly our wings of imagination high in the sky.

    I congratulate all the editors involved in this for its successful completion and hope that more of such multilevel contests will be held time to time whenever the schedule allows for them.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners of this contest who could of course complete all the legs successfully and also got these awards. Well done and all the best.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    My congratulations to all the winners of this contest. From the final tally, I can understand it was a close finish between the winners. There was good participation in this interesting Triathlon contest and hope more such interesting contests will be conducted in the coming days.

    My best wishes to all of the participants and am sure we will see more members participating in contests next time.


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    I appreciate the Managing Editor for organizing this interesting but fiercely-fought contest (which is evident from the score of the top participants). I am angry with myself because I could not guess correctly two relatively easy images in the third part of the contest.

    Congratulations to the other winners of this contest.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    My very sincere and heartiest congratulations to all the winners of this excellent Triathlon contest in 3 legs organised by our ME. A lot of effort has been put up by the ME to create and also to evaluate the answers. Members too have taken keen interest to participate in this contest. I feel ashamed of myself for not raising upto the mark to win this contest.
    Such contests should be organized very frequently and the result of each leg should be posted prior to announcing the next leg as suggested by me in other threads.

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    Congratulations to all the winners. I always try to participate in all the contests even though I may not win any one of them. But this time I couldn't participate in the 2nd leg which is very important. That is the reason I got fewer points in this contest.
    The people who designed the contest and conducted the contest should be appreciated for the way the contest was conducted. Many people participated and shown their enthusiasm. I thank ISC for coming forward to conduct such competitions and encourage the members with rewards.

    always confident

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    It was a well planned and well organised contest. The concerned editors deserve the appreciation for that.

    I participated in all the legs and it was very exciting to attend to different types of quiz in the respective legs. Most important thing is that the interest was continued till the last leg and that shows the proper selection of the theme.

    The participation was also adequate and that made the competition tough. I wish we would have more participation in such contest because then only we will enjoy the game.

    Now the winners are announced and I heartily congratulate all the winners for their respective awards and hope they will continue their outstanding contributions in future also.

    Everyone who has participated has benefited to the extent of his contributions and that is also an encouraging and inspiring thing for future contests.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations to Aditya for winning Triathlon contest. My heartiest congratulations to the other three members too. Keep up the good work.

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    Heartiest congratulations to the winners.
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    Yay I win! I really liked this contest too. The part I struggled with the most was to write the story revolving around Santa toy. But since I got 49 points I think my attempt was well appreciated. I too liked the three leg system. Maybe it gives us the effect of transcending levels in a game of sort. Congratulations to all fellow winners. I hope I do this good in other contests too.
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    The announcement of the winners for the recently conducted "Triathlon contest" was done in a haste keeping behind all the valid aspects. The jury panel of the editors whosoever was involved in checking out the entries have not done their job properly. Now, in the second leg of Triathlon contest, it was clearly mentioned "imagine yourself to be in the shoes of who is shown" but reading Aditya's entry this particular aspect is nowhere to be seen. The managing editor of this site should be more responsible while checking out each of the entries and should not declare the winners just in haste. Juana has already pointed out a lot of mistakes in the recently organised Triathlon contest and the managing editor have to take this responsibility very seriously. Also, the declaration of the second contest took ages to give out the points and cc. I agree with SuN that manipulation has been done in declaring the winners. This contest has not been organised in the correct manner.

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    I congratulate the winners of the contest. I was waiting for the results of the contest impatiently.

    It was a good contest and members took part in it with enthusiasm. I am disappointed as I could not score in the first leg as the caption I wrote exceeded the word limit.

    There were lots of controversies in tge contest as per the members but I feel the best entry got the prize.

    I have seen this sort of contest for the first time here. It's okay because when something is started there are loopholes in it but that will be taken care of when such contests are frequently started.

    A member complained that he see partiality in the contests but I don't think so. The people who deserve get the reward.

    Hope to see a lot more such contests to be started in the future.

    I am excited to see the quiz contest to be started tomorrow.


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    Congratulations to all the winners of Triathlon contest.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners of the Triathlon contest. This contest was different from its kind.

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    I congratulate the winner for winning this triathlon contest. This was a great contents among members of ISC. I really liked it though I wasn't able to qualify in the first leg!

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    @Hothead. I totally agree with your claim. But is it always necessary to refer yourself in first person while "putting yourself in someone's shoes". And also I felt it would be stupid for a toy to talk like a human.

    "No one ever gifted Santa. But today this girl took care of me like her own family member. I'll remember this gesture of her forever and will focus on my health for sure. I hope you get what you wish for you beautiful soul".

    That is the dialogue that happens in my writeup. Santa toy is the one witnessing the conversation and overhearing it in my story. Except he calls himself Santa. Even I do that. I sometimes look at myself in mirror and say " Aditya, you look good". From the above dialogue it is clear that I am in Santa toy's shoes. That is my justification. Yet thanks for noticing. I now have a chance to explain my thought because of that.

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    The cash rewards to the winners have been credited.
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