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    How often that you keep lowering yourself on account that someone isn’t your preference?

    We often have witnessed this on the political platforms at various levels but do you feel that the same is the case with you too even though unintentionally? Being a human being we are the most complicated creation of this nature in the whole of universe & our personality forms the major part of it along with our physical appearances. We got many live examples around us which we all accept as per our understanding & motives but for sure that we are not selfless on any account but carrying with some hidden agenda & we keep on with our efforts in order to fit into our propagandas. My question is, whether we have got any limitations here or we are ready to go to any extent without caring the overall along with the aftermath implications? Or anything is acceptable here with the simple reason that someone isn't your preference.

    How do you see yourself in here?
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    Many times it happens. We may be working by keeping our own intentions inside only. The hidden agendas will be different but for the outside world, it may look different. This behaviour we may be seeing in our professional life rather than in personal life.
    In professional life, we may be attending many meetings wherein many points will be discussed and decisions will be taken as per the majority acceptance. But the points will be discussed inside the groups before the meeting itself and they will discuss the way in which they have to see that the outcome of the meeting will be as predesigned.
    But the discussions in the meeting will happen as if everybody is discussing the point for the first time and the decision is taken based on the majority vote. But the group which is having the majority will be able to get its point implemented.

    The one or two top bosses will try to gather the people before the meeting itself and tune them according to their plan so that their point will win. Here really the good and bad is not the criteria. Whether my proposal is accepted or not is more important.

    always confident

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