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    Regarding AdSense Revenue Sharing

    Currently, I am a Gold level member in IndiaStudyChannel and have written more than 100 articles. I want to know when I achieve Diamond level by reaching contributing 2500 points each year with more than 10000 points, will all my existing articles (more than a year old) be eligible for AdSense revenue sharing? What are the exact rules of AdSense revenue sharing at ISC?
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    As far as I know, to become eligible for Adsense revenue on ISC, a member should fulfil at least 5 of the six points mentioned below.
    1. Profile details with Address updated
    2. Minimum 10 valid articles approved
    3. Achieved GOLD Level
    4. Received at least 1 prize
    5. Member Active for 6 months+
    Profile photo uploaded & verified

    Once you have fulfilled 5 of 6 criteria points, ISC will upload your AdSense API profile page for the Adsense people to review your profile. Once the Adsense gives approval, from the date of approval you will receive payment directly from Adsense based on the clicks they obtained through your page. ISC is nothing to do with the Adsense payment. They may help you to sort out any problem you have with Adsense.

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    It won't matter if your level changes from gold to diamond or platinum your Adsense account will remain intact. Soyou should not worry about it.

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    Let me give more details. I am already having Google AdSense account linked with ISC and have been earning the money out of it. I was inactive for a few months at ISC. I have reached more than 10,000 points to reach Diamond level but in last one year, I do not have 2500 points that mean, my level is still Gold. My articles at ISC are more than one-year-old date. That means I am not eligible to get AdSense revenue out of it.

    Now, If I contribute more in ISC and reach the diamond level, will my old articles start fetching AdSense commission?

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    First you need to be active for few months. Then you can request Websmaster to increase your AdSense revenue share period if you get diamond level again.

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    What about individuals who are not writing articles for ISC but active in participating in discussions ?
    Are such people not eligible for Google Absence Revenue after reaching the required Gold level and keeping the profile updated ?

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    If you are Gold level or above, all your contributions within the time period of 1 year are eligible for AdSense revenue.

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    OK. Would also like to know once we reach the level where we would be eligible for AdSense revenue ,do we need to remind or send request to admin or it is upfrontly taken care ?

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    It is your responsibility to apply for an AdSense account.

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