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    PM Modi gets Seoul Peace Prize in South Korea.

    I don't know about how others will manipulate the message in their own way & more especially after the Pulwama incidence but it's good to acknowledge the fact about how he has been well recognized to the world at par. I am saying so because the Congress party has just come-up with the news with showing about how insensitive the PM Modi is in context to shooting a documentary film hours after the attack on a paramilitary convoy. We hoped that at least this time there wouldn't be any politics but sadly we have our own agendas.

    However, it's good to inform here that prize money of $200,000 would be utilized for Namami Gange fund.
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    In this politics, politicians can go down to any level to criticise the other party leader. I got wild when I heard the news that the West Bengal CM and AP CM are making allegations about the PM and they gone up to the level that the Pulwama incidents were planned by the PM. The worst ever comment so far I heard about the PM. The moment I hear these comments whatever sympathy I have towards the AP CM vanished.
    Anyhow it is good to know that the Seoul Peace Prize was given to our PM and the money will be utilised for Namami Gange fund. It is good to note that the world is recognising the good efforts of our PM and he is being honoured accordingly

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    Although the mainstream media is more or less silent on the peace prize conferred on our Prime Minister, I congratulate the great leader on behalf of silent aam aadmis of the country. May God give him many more opportunities to work for the benefits of aam aadmis of the country. May God bestow more laurels on this great man.
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    My congratulations to our Prime Minister Mr Modi for getting this award. It's an apt decision by the PM to contribute the whole amount of the prize money to the Namami Gange fund.

    I do not have any words for the opposition leaders. We all are witnessing their activities on a daily basis. On one hand, during the all-party meet convened by the government, the entire opposition vowed to stand by the government to tackle the terrorist attack, on the other, opposition leaders are speaking differently at various press conferences against the PM and the government as if the present dispensation is responsible for the terrorist attack. The opposition leaders must remember that the entire country is watching.


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    Another feather in his cap. I congratulate him and wish him more such accolades.

    Mr Modi is now a reputed and undisputed leader among the top leaders in the world. People are seeing up to our country with new hopes and aspirations.

    It is good that our leader is getting international recognition at so many forums and it is not that only he is being honoured, in fact, we all are being honoured.

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    It is really great news that our PM has begged this award.

    More honourable and prestigious thing is that he has earmarked the prize money for a cleaning project. We must admit the great qualities of this leader who is relentlessly busy in making the name of the country in the international canvass.

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