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    IOC bars India from hosting future sporting events. How do you see this?

    This is in response to the Visas being denied to the two Pakistani shooters. This decision has been taken on behalf of the International Olympic Committee wherein this has suspended all Indian applications for hosting future events & in addition to this the request has also been made to the International Sports Federations for not to stage competitions in the country in reference to the said incidence with the reason being that this went against the principles of the Olympic charter relating to discrimination and political interference from the host country. This is for sure that this may lead to downgrade in some list with showing-up or depicting of some different image of our country but then is this justified on our stand?

    To few this may come-up with some objection with many can go ahead with passing statements against to the present government but then I want them to remind of 2010 Commonwealth Games wherein this created a no better image of our nation.
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    Mr. Ved, what is your stand? Do you think it was right to deny visas to two Pakistani shooters?

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Nothing is more important than the safety and security of the country. The government is trying to solve the problems with the neighbouring countries to have god relations. But nothing is yielding good result.

    So government should go much more stronger in this issue. In fact I say no Pakistani should be given Indian visa whatever may be the reason.

    No Pakistani should participate in IPL. No cricket matches between the countries. What IOC can do. OK. Let them not give any chance to India to conduct any game events in India. Once the condition improves we can also take up the matter

    A strict stand and approach is needed to have a control on these issues. Innocent people are losing their lives. Who can bring them back.

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    #659363/Neethu, coming up with the justifications or with the viewpoints are different things but instead what is important here is about what needs to be done. The Government seems to have taken its stand on the current scenario but are we united on this yet is something which is most important here but again this doesn't seems to be the case. The country never got much benefits from sports except for some medals & on the other hand allowing the Pakistani players to our land would soften our stand & according to me this shouldn't be the case.

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I checked the deleted responses just now. It is not that the forum editor is encouraging one view and not another. The responses should not contain objectionable text. Put forth your views in a proper manner without such text - you are well aware of this.

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    Many people including myself heartily welcome the denial of visa to the shooters of Pakistan. Who bothers about the ban imposed by IOC, which will be lifted in due course, just like sanction imposed on India by the USA after the 1998 atomic explosion. Now I say that India must stop all so-called people-to-people contact with the people of that country including the grant of the medical visa.

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I do not know whether refusing visas to Pakistani players will stop the terror activities coming from the other side of the border. Being too emotional and spewing venom against all the people of Pakistan won't solve the problem in any way. Now, if you think I am a supporter of the terror activities, it's absolutely up to you to decide.

    Hope the members remember that India played Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1999, during the Kargil War. The punitive measures India can take is to stop all kind of resources that our country is providing to Pakistan. Pakistan needs to be isolated from all the communities around the world so that the terror funding stops. As long as there are funding and support from a few other nations to carry out attacks against India, this dastardly terror attacks will continue. The government has already removed the MFN status and customs duty of 200% has been imposed on all imports from Pakistan. There is the talk of ending water share with the country and all such measures are in the positive direction. We expect more such actions in the coming days and all kinds of financial restrictions has to be strictly imposed.

    As IOC has already said that denial of visas to sportspersons is against the principle of the charter of the Olympics, they took action against India accordingly. Only time will tell whether India will suffer after this IOC decision or not.


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    #659408/Sankalan Bhattacharya, on what account that we have beginning to assume that initiating restrictions will allow ending of terrorism but our stand must go on to some other level because what we have been keeping-up with is certainly producing no positive results. In addition, instead of one united stand, if we keep involving ourselves into petty politics as the Congress party, the SP & the TMC have already begun than we still have a long way to go with we continue to lose the precious life of our army personnel on the border.

    It's not about "Being too emotional" for your kind information but instead what we are able to do on our own in order to support the rest who are dying for you & for all of us and therefore at least I leave up to you to decide on your stand because we are living in a democratic nation & in a secular state.

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    #659412 @ Mr Ved Prakash Anand, I agree that we are unable to see any positive results after all these actions and I already deplored the attitude of our opposition leaders in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in one of the threads.

    An eye for an eye attitude is always impulsive whether it is done by an individual or a nation. Can you tell me what job are we really doing other than posting our views and comments on the social media or occasionally carrying out candle-light marches to pay homage to the martyrs? Individual support or action is of no help here to contain the terrorist activities, any decision/action has to be initiated by the government. The action of IOC after the denial of visas by the Indian government that you have raised in this thread has no direct impact in curbing terrorism and that's why people will have a varying stand on this issue.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The public memory in India is very short. We have forgotten the boycott of South African sportspersons during the Apartheid era, the boycott of Moscow Olympics by the US and NATO countries and the boycott of LA Olympics by the USSR and other Warsaw Pact countries.

    Now, we must stop each and every type of contact with the 'great' country (because, according to ISC, the adjective 'terrible' used against the country is very objectionable) including contact in the sporting arena. Period.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    #659414/Sankalan Bhattacharya, I don't blame you for your choice of words here because the major part of the population think in the same way which has developed during the regimes of the past governments. During aftermath of India's independence we evident of cheap level politics which created divisions within the different levels & strata of society including in between the caste, communities & on religion basis too but sadly that such forces are more active still but anyhow time is changing & we are beginning to move from above ourselves to think on the larger picture but how much we will contribute in order to give it a boost is up to us & there is no governmental interference into this.

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    I dont know what going to happen with it. It's only will bring loss of revenue being generated by organising such events.

    I am also equally angry with Pakistan for their support to the terrorist camps but I am not in favour to refuse visas to the sportspersons. I believe politics should be kept separated from sports. Something else needs to be done to eliminate the terrorism from Pakistan for their growth too and this can be done if other countries too support us.

    Pakistan should be taught a lesson like Iraq and Afganistan. If at this stage Pakistan is not stopped terrorism will become more dangerous in future. Big terrorist mafias should be arrested and should be punished. It's very strange after taking the lives of 44 soldiers terrorists are roaming freely in Pakistan and even being praised by their politicians for it. Pakistan needs to change its attitude towards terrorism otherwise it will have to bear the consequences.


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    Sometimes the Govt has to take certain actions based on the terrorist activities or cross border violence. This is one of the cases.

    We can not have double standards of differentiating between the social life and sports related matters. Many people say that artists and sports persons are above the war and enmity between the countries. I do not subscribe to this philosophy. All the citizens are equal in this respect. Today some armed force people are affected tomorrow it may happen in a stadium or a artists conclave.

    Let IOC take its measures. They are bound by their rules and regulations. We should not bother for it. The national integrity and security is the biggest concern and for that we are ready to sacrifice anything.

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