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    Would you like to see the interview of Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami in 2019 as well?

    In 2014 we all witnessed the interview of Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami & perhaps that's the biggest mistake that Rahul Gandhi committed before election because he came out as a different personality to us then. I don't about others but it was quite amusing but at the same time irritating for me & often it seemed that he was uttering the memorized contents only. In between when he was asked about what he had to say on the inflation gap but instead of answering on this he seemed more interested onto woman empowerment. The good thing was that it was the first time that someone from the Congress Party admitted of the involvement of few Congress leaders in the 1984 Sikh riots. Since 2014 to till time a much time has been elapsed & the Rahul Gandhi has been raised to the position of President with seemingly involving in the bigger decisions but even after these all I don't see any credentials which may prove him to somewhat responsible & mature to his stature.

    Do you feel that for 2019, the interview would be more challenging for Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami & whether would you like to witness this again?
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    No. This guy and his silent mom are not matured to face any interview by the eminent journalist like Arbind Goswamy. If at all an interview is necessary, the journalist should give the questionnaire in advance to prepare the answer. It is better not to approach him for an interview. Instead, we can ask some of his party spokesperson to face an interview.

    I think AICC spokesperson Randeep Surjewala is better than AICC President Rahul Gandhi and his Mom. Even actress Kushboo can face any interview.

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    The immature man would shudder to think about an interview by Arnab Goswami. We are sure that this time Arnab will go on asking soft questions like what he did in 2013.

    Although he would be terrified to think about such possibilities, we, the aam aadmis, would be delighted to watch such an interview and the man getting decimated by Arnab.

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    There will definitely be this interesting thing in the media but it is difficult to guess as how much different it will be from the 2014 episode.

    The philosophy and attitude of a political party does not change with time. So the party spokesperson is expected to give similar or resembling statements.

    Anyway, we will be seeing the differences if any in the coming few months.

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    I don't think that Rahul Gandhi will venture to do it this time with Goswami. He struggled a lot to face him in 2014. Ofcourse 5 years are gone and naturally Rahul might have been matured enough to face him confidently. Anyhow it will be interesting to witness that if happens.
    Probably he may take Priyanka with him so that she may come to his rescue in case of any trouble to Rahul. Actually it is better Rahul gets the questions in advance and get prepared to answer.
    The more he talks, the more is the difficulty for the party. So it is better to keep him mum for maximum time before the elections.

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    May be Rahul Gandhi seems to have some maturity now but then the questions would even be tougher for him because of his undesirable stand on various platforms.

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    I won't speak more on this as Rahul may be a hero for someone while Arnab may be for the other too! We have half-a-dozen journalists in our country who become popular and brought laurels to Journalism.

    Time changed, people changed. Of course, one has to change with the time. After all, it sometimes a good man changes into a bad one!


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