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    Why Journalists are interested in interviewing VIP politicians?

    I have seen Very Important Personalities, especially from the political field are interviewed by reputed journalists like Arbind Goswamy, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai etc. There were some interviews where the politicians were not comfortable to answer the journalist's question. At times, they run away from the studio or show their anger towards the journalist. There were bitter scenes between Modi & Thapar, Jayalalitha & Thapar.

    Is it necessary that the VIP politicians should accept their invitation for an interview?
    What happens if they ignore and refuse to give an interview?
    What would be the outcome?
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    Generally, people like to see the interview of VIPs and celebrities. It is a common curiosity.

    We want to compare ourselves with them by listening to their comments and viewpoints.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    They can easily refuse, it's always their personal choice. There is no hard and fast rule that important politicians won't be able to refuse an interview. I remember, in West Bengal, a few months earlier an important leader of the ruling party refused to talk to a journalist of a news channel on hearing he is from that particular channel.

    Actually, important politicians seldom refuse an interview by reputed journalists because they are conscious of different aspects. First, the politicians will get a wider coverage when interviewed by an eminent journalist and second, if they refuse the interview they fear of brickbats by the same journalists at a later stage. Politicians feel uncomfortable with questions that they fear to answer. Though it's not necessary that eminent journalists will always ask uncomfortable questions, it determines how mature the politician is when boldly facing the uncomfortable questions.

    It is the job of the journalists to focus on every important matter concerning the nation and hence when they get the opportunity to interview a prominent politician they cannot look the other way.


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    Neeru Bhatt,
    Would appreciate if you answer my 3 questions in sequence to get satisfied.

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    Giving time and accepting for interview is the individual's choice. If they don't like they can refuse to give an interview. But a person in power seldom do it.

    If the VIP refuses to attend an interview, he may have to face a lot of criticism. They can ask for adjustment of time or postponement but can't refuse bluntly. If they say NO the journalists interpret in different ways and try to link it with some or the other matter. At the same time journalists should restrain themselves from asking unconnected and personal issues.

    When an eminent journalists are interviewing the individual's, the questions may be very critical and the politicians should prepare well for answering the question. They should understand the questions well and mature enough to answer the questions in a no nonsense manner.

    always confident

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