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    Is our country a fit case for communist regime?

    Democracy is supposed to be the best form of Govt in any country as it gets the freedom to everyone and all believes in equal opportunity to everyone.

    But when democracy is ruined by nepotism, corruption and inefficiency then people start to think for a change in the system. Some of them suggest for a strong communist regime where people have to deliver under the strict discipline and control.

    Do you think that our country is a fit case for communism?
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    The democratic roots are so strong in our country that the communism seems to be a distant dream.

    There are many groups which will be against the communism philosophy and they will oppose it and see that it does not success here.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Socialist and communist ideas overlap according to me. And gaining insight from the socialistic countries like China, we can assess how a huge, diverse nation like ours would fare in a communist regime.
    The strengths and pros of a communist regime are: the differences are eliminated. Religious, political, economical and personal differences are effectively reduced in a communist regime. Cons of such regime would be lack of individuality and privacy. "Unity in Diversity", doesn't apply to India alone. There are many many countries that are much diverse and much unified than India. China is just as diverse with its populace. But has communism done China good? China has done very well in its economy but restrictions of religion, press and firewalled internet plague the citizens. So a communist regime can be very effective in unifying a diverse populace at the cost of their individuality.
    Our forefathers had very socialistic ideas. Early Indian governments for that reason drew many reforms and ideas from Russia/ USSR. So it won't be that big of a jolt if India turns socialistic to me. China is the 87th least corrupt nation. India is 78th. But as we see the corruption index we would notice that it is the socialist countries that are the most corrupt. As for nepotism, bureaucratic and totalitarian governments unlike democracy favors nepotism much more. But surely there will be an economical stability. Socialist countries maintain steady economic growth or fall. I would want India to be a democratic capitalistic nation.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As long as the rulers will not have good intentions and when they don't give importance to ethics and values any form of government is the same to the people. Basically Indian people are more inclined towards money and interested in earning more and more. They never bother about any other issue. Everyone will talk so many good words. But when it comes to their self, the things will change.

    I feel military rule with a powerful person at the top for some time, without any reservation system, rule adhering system of ruling will only can improve the country from these evil politics. All political leaders who are trying to go against military rule should be kept inside the bars and the top man should focus on development of the country and progress of the people with the country's development.

    But I don't know whether it will happen and how much support be there from the public.

    always confident

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